My work is grounded in character development and narrative inquiry in these contexts: the animated cartoon, the physical object, and interactive space. My work focuses on the edges of media, digital and analogue space, gendered identity, and the ways these idioms blur high and low art. Between these edges, the subjects of my work concern the externalized body and refractive subconscious, real and imagined space, and the storyteller's and her audience's own agency. The discomfort of these in-betweens gives rise to the questions that undergird my work: what are the playful, malleable, representational limits of a (girl's) body? What is the psychogeography of one's inhabited space? How do we navigate our selves?

Recent Submissions

  • Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Zurkow, Marina (2006-07-24)
    "Little NO" is an interactive, animated fairy tale based in the Buddhist cosmology of the Wheel of Life. Set in a 1960's New York City apartment against a backdrop of endless cocktail parties, "Little NO" traces multiple ...


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