In my practice, the perennial question posed by curators and foundations in statements is, "What do you do?" As an artist who works with new media in a conceptual manner, an answer is often a slippery proposition that is not tied to particular media or technical processes- But for brevity, my work centers on the construction and communication of narrativer often based in social activism through critical inquiry/issues in reading and cognitive science (Grasping at Bits l), perception (8 Bits or Less2), media subversion & collaboration (RTMarkVYesMen), performance (The GRID), and social discourse (SPRAWL4, Grasping at Bits, SPRAWL, RTMark/YesMen). I believe much like Kandinsky did that art is a medium of communication through which concepts and experiences are expressed.

Recent Submissions

  • Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Lichty, Patrick (2006-07-24)
    Book of Hours is a stand-alone program that operates upon PocketPC-based handheld computers such as the Ipaq, HP Jornada, and Casio Cassiopeia. The Book of Hours critically comments upon the similarities between the ...
  • Project Documentation 

    Lichty, Patrick (2006-07-24)


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