The Triangle Census Research Network (TCRN) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Duke University and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences dedicated to improving the way that federal statistical agencies collect, analyze, and disseminate data to the public.

Recent Submissions

  • Bayesian multiple imputation for large-scale categorical data with structural zeros 

    Manrique-Vallier, D.; Reiter, J. P. (Survey Methodology, 2013-12-18)
    We propose an approach for multiple imputation of items missing at random in large-scale surveys with exclusively categorical variables that have structural zeros. Our approach is to use mixtures of multinomial distributions ...
  • Estimating identification disclosure risk using mixed membership models 

    Manrique-Vallier, Daniel; Reiter, Jerome (Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2012)
    Statistical agencies and other organizations that disseminate data are obligated to protect data subjects' confi dentiality. For example, ill-intentioned individuals might link data subjects to records in other databases ...


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