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    • Acoustic classification of focus in a web corpus of comparatives 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats; Wagner, Michael (2011-06-02)
      Describes experiments in using a support-vector-machine to classify intonational focus on pronouns in a web-derived corpus of comparative clauses.
    • Acoustic Classification of Focus: On the Web and in the Lab 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats; Wagner, Michael (2016-02-26)
      We present a new methodological approach which combines both naturally-occurring speech “harvested” on the web and speech data elicited in the laboratory. This proof-of-concept study examines the phenomenon of focus ...
    • Adverbs of quantification 

      Rooth, Mats (2019-07-12)
      Article on David Lewis's Adverbs of Quantification (1975), prepared for A Reader's Guide to Classical Papers in Formal Semantics, Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy 100, edited by Zoltan Szabo and Luise McNally. Author's ...
    • Alternative semantics 

      Rooth, Mats (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      This chapter presents the semantics and pragmatics of prosodic focus in alternative semantics. Half a dozen examples are given of empirical phenomena that are to be covered by the theory. Then a syntax marking the locus, ...
    • Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Co-reference in Picture Sequences 

      Abusch, Dorit (2012-12-15)
      This paper looks at co­‐indexing in pictorial narratives such as comics. Using a formal‐semantic model of the content of pictures, it is argued that depicted objects are existentially quantified, and are identified post ...
    • Arabic-Self Learning Curriculum 

      Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Nimat Hafez Barazangi, 1995)
      This program, available in a prototype, uses the spatial and thematic metaphor of a home in Damascus, Syria, and a classroom at Damascus University to access the learner to myriad learning experiences in a contextually-based ...
    • Association with Focus 

      Rooth, Mats (GLSA, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1985)
    • Causative and Non-Causative Verbs 

      Georgala, Effi (2008-06-08)
    • Circumstantial and Temporal Dependence in Counterfactual Modals 

      Abusch, Dorit (2012-02-19)
      “Counterfactual” readings of might/could have were previously analyzed using metaphysical modal bases. This paper presents examples and scenarios where the assumptions of such a branching-time semantics are not met, because ...
    • Comments on Enlightened Update 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2008-11-16)
    • A corpus search methodology for focus realization 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats (2009-07-05)
      We describe a methodology for investigating the semantic-grammatical conditioning and phonetic realization of contrastive intonation using a web harvest of particular word strings followed by grammatical and acoustic analysis. ...
    • A Corpus Search Methodology for Focus Realization 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats (2008-04-18)
      We describe a methodology for investigating the semantic-grammatical conditioning and phonetic realization of contrastive intonation using the audio search engine Everyzing and acoustic-phonetic analysis.
    • Finite state intensional semantics 

      Rooth, Mats (2017-10)
      The paper presents a computable formulation of Hintikka semantics for clausal complements and partition semantics for questions in a framework where worlds are strings, propositions are regular sets of worlds, and epistemic ...
    • The formal semantics of free perception in pictorial narratives 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2017)
      This paper semantically analyzes “free perception” sequences in pictorial narratives such as comics, where one panel shows a character looking, and the next panel shows what they see. Pictorial contents are assumed to be ...
    • Harvesting speech datasets for linguistic research on the web 

      Rooth, Mats; Howell, Jonathan; Wagner, Michael (2013-10-29)
      This is a white paper for a project that harvested audio and transcribed data from podcasts and news broadcasts on the web. Tools were developed to analyze the different uses of prosody (rhythm, stress and intonation) ...
    • Headed span theory in the finite state calculus 

      Rooth, Mats (2016-01-02)
      A development of headed span theory in the finite state calculus. Slides for colloquium presentation at University of Delaware, March 20, 2014.
    • Indexing across media 

      Rooth, Mats; Abusch, Dorit (ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 2019-12)
    • On modal interpretations of the French conditionnel 

      Howell, Jonathan (GLSA, UMass, 2012)
    • Picture descriptions and centered content 

      Rooth, Mats; Abusch, Dorit (University of Edinburgh/CreateSpace, 2018)
      There is an argument based on sentences that describe pictures in favor of a viewpoint- centered possible worlds semantics for pictures, over a propositional semantics (J. Ross 1997). The argument involves perspectival ...
    • Possible worlds semantics for pictures 

      Abusch, Dorit (2015-12-06)
      Possible worlds semantics for pictures is reviewed. Pictures are mapped to propositional semantic values by a geometric method. On this basis, an account of the temporal interpretation of pictorial narratives is constructed. ...