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    • Participatory Feminsim (PARFem) 

      Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Nimat Hafez Barazangi (web site), 2001-07-31)
      Given that Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Feminisms (Fem) share "process" as one of the fundamental principles in their philosophy and practice, we can only set the preliminary goal and objectives of the PARticipatory ...
    • Silent Revolution of a Muslim Arab American Scholar-Activist 

      Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Texas University Press, 2005)
      After 35 years of living in the Unites States, every time I meet a new person, I am asked: Where are you from? My own personal, political and scholarly journey along with that of some of my cohorts engaged in search for ...