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    • Biochar and its Role in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Lee, Darian; Caruso, Dakota; Kovitch, Alex (2021-11-01)
      This film outlines the production and agricultural uses of biochar, especially as a method of waste disposal. 
    • From the Farm to the Heart 

      Radtke, Bea; Payne, Luk (2022-11-14)
      Heart of Dinner feeds Asian elders in New York City by delivering hot lunches and fresh produce every Wednesday. This film explores how Heart of Dinner is able to foster community through their volunteers, partner farmers, ...
    • The Future of Agriculture: From One Generation to the Next 

      Norman, Claire; Ciampaglione, Vincent; Ciampaglione, Jansen (2018)
      Pine Plains is a small agriculture-based town in Dutchess County, New York. This documentary highlights an annual event known as the Pine Plains FFA Ag Fair. This event brings community members together of all ages to ...
    • Organic Agriculture: What You Need to Know 

      Kuehl, Patrick; Sharifi, Adam; Wilcenski, Bryan; Ayeh, Gad (2022-11)
      A quick info guide introducing consumers to Organic and what it means for agriculture
    • Sprayed and Neutered? Not Anymore. 

      Lee, Theodore (2022-11-14)
      As climate change continues to drive temperature trends upwards, the threat posed by pests is beginning to change. Four scientists in the fields of pest management and integrative plant management give their perspectives ...
    • Sustainability in the Dairy Industry 

      Schwab, Benjamin; Smith, Lucas; Nugent, Connor (2018-11-13)
      Overview of sustainability practices in the dairy industry today. The operation and practices of Willow Bend Farm as described by owner and general manager John Mueller is the primary focus. Highlights include manure ...
    • Sustainability Through Dilmun Hill 

      Hargraves, Olivia; Matel, Theodore (2018-11-13)