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    • (Top 15!) No Sleep Till No Till 

      Narel-Aguilar, Lucas; Marani, Matt (2016)
      A music video about no till.
    • (Top 15!) Sway 

      Wheeler, Sam; McMahon, Lindsey (2016)
      This video is a documentary regarding how GMO's are used in agriculture and how consumer perception is causing a shift in the food market, what is produced, and the implications this has on the ability to feed a growing ...
    • (Top 15!) Temperate Climate Agroforestry 

      Isaacson, Talia (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • (Top 15!) The Pittsburgh Project 

      Volk, Emma (2016)
      This video serves to promote The Pittsburgh Project's urban farm initiative. The cultural benefits of urban farming provided by The Pittsburgh Project are highlighted.
    • Torres-Rojas Time-Resolved Emissions Data 2018 

      Torres-Rojas, Dorisel; Deng, Lei; Shannon, Lauren; Fisher, Elizabeth M; Joseph, Stephen; Lehmann, Johannes (2018-09-19)
      This datafile is part of an investigation of carbon and nitrogen emissions and heat transfer of a indirect pyrolysis cookstove. The real-time measurements of multiple variables of cookstove operating parameters and gaseous ...
    • Trash Goes To School 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Trautmann, Nancy; Harrison, Ellen Z (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 1991)
    • TreeNN news report 

      Nelson, Lisa; Nietlich, Stephanie; Stabell, Amy (2019-11)
      Sustainable agriculture doesn’t have to happen on a large scale. In this mock news report, reporters Amy and Lisa discuss the ways in which a local backyard farm maintains its environmental stewardship while saving the ...
    • Two-bin Compost Unit - Plans 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2015)
      Plans and materials to build a two-bin composting unit for schools, community gardens, restaurants, etc.
    • Understanding Your Test Results: Lead in Soil and Chicken Eggs 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute; Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities Project (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2012)
    • Understanding Your Test Results: Metals in Garden Soils and Vegetables 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute; Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities Project (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2012)
    • Up: eliminating food deserts through vertical farming 

      Overstrom, Abby; Ismail, Nasra; Chan, Davith (2021-11-15)
      This film explores the potential of vertical farming as a solution to food deserts in urban areas.
    • Urban Agriculture in NYC 

      Light, Mara (2015)
      This video deals with the concept of urban agriculture in New York City.
    • Urban Sprawl: Save the Farms 

      Wright, Desiree; Gasko, Tina (2017-11)
    • Urban Vertical Farming 

      Harry, Angeline (2016)
      The following film is an animation that provides introduction and promotion of vertical farming.
    • Use of Dried Manure Solids as Bedding For Dairy Cows 

      Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean; Staehr, A. Edward (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2010)
    • Using Manure Based Composts in Turf Management for Athletic Fields 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Schwarz, Mary; Harrison, Ellen; Petrovic, A. Martin; Gruttadaurio, Joann (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2010)
      Reducing use of chemical fertilizers on turf is important for human and environmental health. Use of compost is a promising alternative while ensuring turf quality. Manure-based compost used in turf maintenance was assessed ...
    • Using Manure Solids as Bedding - Final Report 

      Harrison, E; Bonhotal, J; Schwarz, M (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2008-06)
      Six farms using different types of dried manure solid (DMS) strategies, including a farm that had side-by- side pens using sand and DMS, participated in a study to assess the impact on herd health of using DMS as bedding ...
    • Using Manure Solids for Dairy Barn Bedding 

      Harrison, Ellen; Bonhotal, Jean; Schwarz, Mary (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2006)
      Bedding dairy cows is costly and time-consuming. The cost and availability of bedding fluctuates, and good consistent bedding can be expensive and hard to find. More dairies have turned to dairy manure solids (DMS) as a ...
    • Using Manure-Based Composts in Turf Maintenance 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Harrison, Ellen Z.; Gruttadaurio, Joann; Petrovic, A. Martin; Schwarz, Mary (2007)