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    • (Top 10!) Soil Health 

      Sorensen, Kelsey (2015)
      This video deals with soil health.
    • (Top 10!) Sustainable Diets, College Edition 

      Friedberg, Zoe; Couse, Elizabeth (2015)
      A "how to" video emphasizing the importance of diet to sustainability and showing how to eat sustainably especially for college students.
    • (Top 10!) Sustainable Practices in Ancient China: Mulberry Fish Pond 

      Liu, Chutao; Chen, Shuxiao (2015)
      This film briefly introduces mulberry fish pond, an ancient Chinese practice in sustainable agriculture.
    • (Top 15!) Bees? 

      Collins, Carter; Stack, George; Wise, Mary (2016)
      Newscast about the important role of bees in agriculture.
    • (Top 15!) Carl the Corn 

      Ellis, Franklin (2016)
      In the video, Carl the Corn is confronted by a man who is angered by the amount of junk food that is available in the US. He blames corn for this problem, and the two discuss how although corn is the means, it is not the ...
    • (Top 15!) Cerretani Organic Farm 

      Roberts, Olu; Ezera, Nnenna (2016)
      A video describing the practices on the Cerretani Organic Farm.
    • (Top 15!) Cornell Dining 

      Wentworth, Allyson; Barchett; Francine (2016)
      This film reflects upon the current sustainability practices of Cornell Dining and where they hope to be in the future.
    • (Top 15!) Farming Indigenous Microorganisms 

      Bluethenthal, Shaun; Ramsey, Emily (2016)
      A video discussing why and showing how to culture microbes from your local forest soil. These microbes are then used to increase soil fertility in your field and garden.
    • (Top 15!) Food Deserts & Local Solutions 

      Zertuche, Lili (2016)
      This is a documentary style film featuring the food deserts of Waco, Texas and a local organization's initiative to combat them.
    • (Top 15!) Future Farmers 

      Lord, Meredith (2016)
      This documentary examines who are becoming farm operators with special attention to societal constructs which are influencing the gender makeup of the farming population.
    • (Top 15!) Inequality in Urban Agriculture 

      Moser, Emily (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • (Top 15!) It's not that simple 

      Freedman, Jason; Johnston, Cole (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • (Top 15!) Laughing Earth 

      Montgomery, Grace (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video
    • (Top 15!) Maximizing Soil Biodiversity 

      Fest, Ken (2016)
      Maximizing Soil Biodiversity at Carversville Farm Foundation. The video focuses on cover crops, livestock grazing, and plowing. The video is a documentary. I visited this farm in October over Fall break and did the filming then.
    • (Top 15!) No Sleep Till No Till 

      Narel-Aguilar, Lucas; Marani, Matt (2016)
      A music video about no till.
    • (Top 15!) Sway 

      Wheeler, Sam; McMahon, Lindsey (2016)
      This video is a documentary regarding how GMO's are used in agriculture and how consumer perception is causing a shift in the food market, what is produced, and the implications this has on the ability to feed a growing ...
    • (Top 15!) Temperate Climate Agroforestry 

      Isaacson, Talia (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • (Top 15!) The Pittsburgh Project 

      Volk, Emma (2016)
      This video serves to promote The Pittsburgh Project's urban farm initiative. The cultural benefits of urban farming provided by The Pittsburgh Project are highlighted.
    • Torres-Rojas Time-Resolved Emissions Data 2018 

      Torres-Rojas, Dorisel; Deng, Lei; Shannon, Lauren; Fisher, Elizabeth M; Joseph, Stephen; Lehmann, Johannes (2018-09-19)
      This datafile is part of an investigation of carbon and nitrogen emissions and heat transfer of a indirect pyrolysis cookstove. The real-time measurements of multiple variables of cookstove operating parameters and gaseous ...
    • Trash Goes To School 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Trautmann, Nancy; Harrison, Ellen Z (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 1991)