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    • The Color of Food: Cornell Edition 

      Coker, Jerry (2015)
    • The Crops That Cover 

      Walters, Jared (2022-11-14)
    • The CSA at Dilmun Hill 

      Santander, Daniel; Mayer, Nick (2016)
      A video on the CSA at Dilmun Hill Farm.
    • The farmer 

      Feuerstein, Jacob (2019-11)
      The Farmer, a parody of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer, follows a farmer grappling with tillage related problems in his field. The cinematography, through slow and black and white footage, represents the depressing ...
    • The Future is Fishy 

      Chu, Allan; Barr, Meghan (2022-11-14)
      Agriculture is a constantly changing environment. With threats to our land's health and climate change, it is important to consider non-traditional agriculture as a way to grow. The video will cover the basics of aquaponics ...
    • The future of agriculture 

      Anderson, Mikala (2019-11)
      This documentary is about future generations and legacies on farms and how important they are for families to continue to farm. Interviews of future generations for one family farm shows their importance and what their ...
    • The Future of Agriculture 

      Bond, Amanda (2016)
      This video is about the increase in the age of farmers and how hard it is for the younger generation to start farming. My grandfather, and two brothers are in the video!
    • The Future of Farming: Urban Hydroponics 

      Arnold , Zoey; Dijstelbloem, Noa; Harrar, Kat; Louie, Kiersten (2021-11-14)
      This video explores the potential of hydroponics to reduce food insecurity in urban areas.
    • The green brew 

      Martin, Aston; Gordon, Emma (2022-11-14)
      As the second-most consumed beverage globally, coffee has a massive impact on the global food system. Yet, as an intensive crop primarily reliant on manual labor, there is significant room for improvement along the value ...
    • The Happy Lettuce 

      Lochhead, Sage; Gruntmeir, Sarah (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • The Inclining Importance of Soil Health 

      Way, Elizabeth; Prezzano, Annette; Pan, Raymond (2022-11-14)
    • The Transparency of Local Agriculture: From Farm to Plate 

      Peters, Kirby (2015)
      This film illuminates how local agriculture allows the consumer to make more informed decisions about sustainable consumption.
    • Thinking for the Future 

      Palacios, Morgan (2017-11)
    • Tik Tok (Sustainable agriculture remix) 

      Genser, Abigail; Lawrence, Alicia (2019-11)
      Our video is a parody of the hit song Tik Tok by Ke$ha. We follow two women farmers who are trying to figure out how to farm sustainably.
    • Tomion Farm Market: Quality of Life 

      Pinckney, Chris; Galeota, Jake (2016)
      Tomion Farm market commercial video.
    • (Top 10!) Cooking Sustainably 

      Breau, Kirsten (2015)
    • (Top 10!) CSAs- Layaway for Crops All Day 

      Stemme, Kyle (2015)
      An animated film promoting the food production system of Community Supported Agriculture.
    • (Top 10!) Eutrophication 

      Borman, Lindsay (2015)
    • (Top 10!) New Hands 

      Chamberlain, Daniel (2015)
      New Hands is a documentary about the need for beginning farmers in America.