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    • Taste Matters 

      Atiyeh, Allora (2015)
    • Technology in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Patten,James; Wang,Kyle (2017-11)
    • Testing Composts 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Harrison, Ellen Z. (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2004)
    • The Anti-People's Summit and The People's Movement 

      Sutera, Nick (2021-11-01)
      An exploration of the controversy surrounding the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit agenda, and what the Food Sovereignty movement is building instead.
    • The Art of Aquaponics 

      Perez, Henry (2020)
      The Art of Aquaponics, is an informational, animated short film, aimed at teaching people the basics of aquaponic production. The content is meant to help the viewer understand how it works, and also why it is something ...
    • The Backbone of America 

      Marques, Henry; Reilly, Ashley (2021-11-01)
      This video portrays a vast array of community perspectives on farming and the challenges of the industry, demonstrating our intuitive connection to food production and providing hope that agriculture is socially sustainable.
    • The Buzz on Bees: Threats to Honeybee Health 

      Hoffmann, Olivia (2015)
    • The California Drought 

      Christensen, Turner (2016)
      A video on the sustainable practices of California farmers as they witnessed the worst recorded drought in history.
    • The California Drought: What's your Perspective? 

      Frea, Daniel; Peters, Kiana (2015)
      We explore student and farmer perspectives on the drought and how sustainable agriculture can make a difference in farming.
    • The Cash Trap of Small-Scale Production 

      Sannes, Nina (2016)
      This video outlines the struggles of making a living with small-scale production in America.
    • The Color of Food: Cornell Edition 

      Coker, Jerry (2015)
    • The Crops That Cover 

      Walters, Jared (2022-11-14)
    • The CSA at Dilmun Hill 

      Santander, Daniel; Mayer, Nick (2016)
      A video on the CSA at Dilmun Hill Farm.
    • The farmer 

      Feuerstein, Jacob (2019-11)
      The Farmer, a parody of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer, follows a farmer grappling with tillage related problems in his field. The cinematography, through slow and black and white footage, represents the depressing ...
    • The Future is Fishy 

      Chu, Allan; Barr, Meghan (2022-11-14)
      Agriculture is a constantly changing environment. With threats to our land's health and climate change, it is important to consider non-traditional agriculture as a way to grow. The video will cover the basics of aquaponics ...
    • The future of agriculture 

      Anderson, Mikala (2019-11)
      This documentary is about future generations and legacies on farms and how important they are for families to continue to farm. Interviews of future generations for one family farm shows their importance and what their ...
    • The Future of Agriculture 

      Bond, Amanda (2016)
      This video is about the increase in the age of farmers and how hard it is for the younger generation to start farming. My grandfather, and two brothers are in the video!
    • The Future of Farming: Urban Hydroponics 

      Arnold , Zoey; Dijstelbloem, Noa; Harrar, Kat; Louie, Kiersten (2021-11-14)
      This video explores the potential of hydroponics to reduce food insecurity in urban areas.
    • The green brew 

      Martin, Aston; Gordon, Emma (2022-11-14)
      As the second-most consumed beverage globally, coffee has a massive impact on the global food system. Yet, as an intensive crop primarily reliant on manual labor, there is significant room for improvement along the value ...