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    • Family Orchard 

      Sullivan, Lilly (2015)
    • Farm to friend 

      Miller, Leigh; Raju, Teevyah (2019-11)
      Two friends explore where their milk comes from by visiting an organic dairy farmer, Chandler Benson. They learn about his farm, Bensvue Farms, which is part of the Organic Valley Co-op.
    • Farm to Plate: On my Plate 

      Cho, Michelle (2017-11)
    • Farm Waste Management Makes Sense 

      Bonhotal, Jean (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 1996)
    • Farm-Based Composting: Manure and More 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2001)
    • Farmily Feud 

      Sabol, Mark (2015)
      A fun game show centered on agricultural facts, made in cooperation with Margot Ptiney and Elias Abilheira
    • FARMING BY THE BOOK: Food, Farming, and the Environment in the Bible and in the Qur-an 

      Fick, Gary W. (Cornell University. Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, 2005-12)
      Food, farming, and environmental care are key topics in the study of agricultural sustainability. Agricultural sustainability is holistic in its approach, so religion and ethics need to be considered as aspects of the ...
    • Fate of Barbiturates and Non-steriodal Anti-inflammatory Drugs During Carcass Composting 

      Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean; Bischoff, Karyn; Ebel, Joseph (Academy Journals, 2013-03)
      With disease issues, the decline of the rendering industry, a ban on use of downer cows for food, and rules to halt horse slaughter, environmentally safe and sound practices for disposal of horses and other livestock ...
    • The Fate of Ivermectin in Manure Composting 

      Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2016)
      Ectoparasites and anthelmintics used to control external and internal parasites in livestock are largely excreted in manure in concentrations that are lethal or sub-lethal to beneficial organisms in the ecosystem. The ...
    • FFA: The 3 Circle Model 

      Boyes, Hauk; Millspaugh, Sara (2015)
      FFA: The Three Circle Model. This promotional video is to explain how classroom education, supervised agricultural experiences and FFA leadership can help sustain the world's agriculture needs by developing the future ag ...
    • The Final Frontier: Precision Agriculture and the Knowledge Revolution 

      Sorge, Matthew; Snyder, Jessica; Kitisoontounpong, Trin (2018-11-14)
      An introduction to precision agriculture including background information and important pros and cons.
    • First Generation Farmers 

      Birn, Anna (2016)
      A video dealing with first generation farmers.
    • Fish in Peddy Field 

      Dong, Situ; Zhou, Linda (2016)
      A video detailing fish farming.
    • Fish/Shellfish Waste Composting 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (2017)
      There's nothing worse than a pile of dead fish. Except maybe a pile of the leftover parts of dead fish: heads, tails, internal organs, and all that. Disposing of this waste can be a problem for anyone who cleans and processes ...
    • Food for thought 

      Walvoord, Bailey; Kuang, Maggie (2019-11)
      This film is a spoof of a late-night talk show. The topic is perennial crop grow, with a specific focus on perennial grains. Through lots of light-hearted comedy and current research, we show the positive and negative ...
    • Food Is Life 

      Brun, Gabby; Cangelosi, Angelina; Fouch, Tyler (2021-11-01)
      This video exposes the climate implications of food waste and implores the food system to collaborate on solutions that nurture the environment.
    • Food Scrap Composting Project 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (1998)
      The goal of the 1998 Cornell Waste Management Institute project (Composting Food Wastes: Education and Technical Assistance for Businesses and Institutions) was to increase the capacity to compost the tremendous amount of ...
    • Food Waste 

      Ardalan, Kristy; Fenwick, Daisy (2018-11-15)
    • Food Waste: An Expose 

      Bellony, Katleen; Leung, Lok Ting; Ryu, Jon Won (2016)
      A video about food waste in our country.
    • Food, Farming, and Family 

      Miller, Adyson (2021-11-01)
      This video portrays insight into how the pandemic brought rural communities together and the effects that COVID19 had on buying locally.