Soil and Crop Sciences is a section within the School of Integrative Plant Science. Formerly the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, and before that, the Department of Agronomy, the section has had a long and distinguished history at Cornell. While studies in agronomy at Cornell have existed from the beginnings of the University, it was in 1922 that the newly formed Department of Agronomy was established with 2 crops faculty and 7 soils faculty. Today the Department has a faculty of 39 professorial positions including 14 in soils, and 14 in crops. One senior research associate, one senior extension associate, and one lecturer are also part of the faculty. In addition, scientists from the USDA, Boyce Thompson Institute and NYS Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva hold adjunct professorial appointments. Numerous professional staff and, at any one time several visiting scientists, are an integral part of departmental programs. There are also at any one time between 75 and 90 graduate students working on degrees under the guidance of departmental faculty. There have been over 1,200 Masters and Doctoral degrees granted in CSS since 1888.

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  • Data from: Cereal rye mulch biomass and crop density affect weed suppression and community assembly in no-till planted soybean: A species and trait-based analysis 

    Menalled, Uriel D.; Adeux, Guillaume; Cordeau, Stéphane; Smith, Richard G.; Mirsky, Steven B.; Ryan, Matthew R. (2022-04-15)
    These files contain data that Menalled et al. (2022) used to test the effects of crop density and mulch biomass on weed suppression and community assembly. The data was generated through a field experiment replicated for ...
  • Data from: The Physiological Basis for Estimating Photosynthesis from Chlorophyll a Fluorescence 

    Han, Jimei; Gu, Lianhong; Zhang, Yongjiang; Sun, Ying (2022-02-17)
    These files contain data supporting all results reported in Han et. al. The Physiological Basis for Estimating Photosynthesis from Chlorophyll a Fluorescence. In Han et al. we found: The availability of Solar-Induced ...
  • Data From: Unpacking the drivers of diurnal dynamics of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF): Canopy structure, plant physiology, instrument configuration and retrieval methods 

    Chang, Christine Y.; Sun, Ying; Gu, Lianhong; Wood, Jeffrey D. (2022-02-09)
    Data in support of research: Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) from spaceborne sensors is a promising tool for global carbon cycle monitoring, but its application is constrained by insufficient understanding of ...
  • Youth in Nature: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture 

    Rigas, Dina (2021-11-01)
    This film discusses how the growing disconnect of humans (specifically youth) from nature can prove detrimental to the future of sustainable agriculture. Programs such as Primitive Pursuits and the Learning Farm among ...
  • Superweeds 

    Dart, Sharla; Kangacha, Jeff; Newell, Eli (2021-11-01)
    Weeds are evolving to survive our attempts to terminate them; in this video, Assistant Professor of weed science Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie offers an overview of herbicide resistance problems in New York and the emerging strategies ...

    Njagi, Jensen; Wang, Cong (2021-11-01)
    A Kenyan young boy mixed-farm trip in NY state
  • Sustainable Agriculture for Horse Farms 

    Sill, Sydney (2021-11-01)
    This video gives a brief overview on how horse farmers can be more environmentally sustainable by improving their manure management and pasture management.
  • No Till Zone 

    Shaw, Cameron (2021-11-01)
    This film takes the approach of a music video to educate listeners on and address the benefits of no till and low till farming systems when compared to conventional farming.
  • Food Is Life 

    Brun, Gabby; Cangelosi, Angelina; Fouch, Tyler (2021-11-01)
    This video exposes the climate implications of food waste and implores the food system to collaborate on solutions that nurture the environment.
  • Future of Food? 

    Moscarella, Serena; Pedro-Pascual, Jessica; Suzuki, Natsumi; Knoepffler, Albert (2021-11-15)
    This film investigates the impact of COVID-19 on global food supply chains and the lives of 8 people from Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Kenya, Australia and Italy with a focus on sustainability.

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