Soil and Crop Sciences is a section within the School of Integrative Plant Science. Formerly the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, and before that, the Department of Agronomy, the section has had a long and distinguished history at Cornell. While studies in agronomy at Cornell have existed from the beginnings of the University, it was in 1922 that the newly formed Department of Agronomy was established with 2 crops faculty and 7 soils faculty. Today the Department has a faculty of 39 professorial positions including 14 in soils, and 14 in crops. One senior research associate, one senior extension associate, and one lecturer are also part of the faculty. In addition, scientists from the USDA, Boyce Thompson Institute and NYS Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva hold adjunct professorial appointments. Numerous professional staff and, at any one time several visiting scientists, are an integral part of departmental programs. There are also at any one time between 75 and 90 graduate students working on degrees under the guidance of departmental faculty. There have been over 1,200 Masters and Doctoral degrees granted in CSS since 1888.

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  • Contact List for Sources of Carbon and Bulking Materials 

    Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean (2018-09-21)
    In order to successfully compost mortalities (as well as other dense organic material) a chunky carbon base, such as woodchips, is required. Many people, especially farmers, have trouble finding a good supply of chunky ...
  • Mortality Composting Presentation 

    Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean (2018-09-21)
    Managing animal tissue is a significant challenge and responsibility in livestock production. Routine and emergency losses of poultry and livestock are significant environmental, biosecurity, and waste management concerns ...
  • Torres-Rojas Time-Resolved Emissions Data 2018 

    Torres-Rojas, Dorisel; Deng, Lei; Shannon, Lauren; Fisher, Elizabeth M; Joseph, Stephen; Lehmann, Johannes (2018-09-19)
    This datafile is part of an investigation of carbon and nitrogen emissions and heat transfer of a indirect pyrolysis cookstove. The real-time measurements of multiple variables of cookstove operating parameters and gaseous ...
  • Cumulative Report 

    Seitz, Tobias; Solomon, Dawit (BGR-Germany, 2017-09)
    The German government has commissioned the Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) to support its partner, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR), in gaining knowledge ...
  • Report 3: Identification and characterization of two priority areas for a biochar system pilot project in Ethiopia 

    Seitz, Tobias; Solomon, Dawit (BGR-Germany, 2017-07)
    Scientific knowledge, as well as knowledge from practical experiences in Ethiopia have been gathered and evaluated. As a final step, two priority areas have been selected that are best suited for a prospective intervention ...

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