For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with counterfeit representations of life. As early as 1956, before I knew the terminology of cyborgian discourse, I made drawings, paintings, sculptures and photocopied images about the integration of humans and machines which can result in whatI term techno-human identity. I have worked in photography, video, installation and interactive and online art. My 53 videos and seven interactive installations have won many international awards. My body of work addresses the social construction of female identity and related issues of social conditioning, most often through the narrative construct of an alter ego or "agent" The 21st century arrived with a Pandora's box of new technologies such as genetics, nanotechnology and robotics that dynamically affect the destiny of the human race. Our relationship to computer based virtual life forms mat are autonomous and self replicating surely will shape the fate of our species. I have always been attracted to digital tools and cinematic metaphors that reflect our time, such as privacy in an era of surveillance and personal identity in a time of pervasive manipulation.

Recent Submissions

  • 2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Hershmann Leeson, Lynn (2009-03-30)
    Modem technologies are now designed to extract and re-author privacy. The re-authoring of identity has become an implicit part of contemporary reality. The next generation of my "Bot" lineage specifically addresses ...
  • Agent Ruby Documentation 

    Hershman, Lynn (2006-07-10)
    Agent Ruby Documentation.
  • 2003 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Hershman, Lynn (2006-07-10)
    Agent Ruby is an Artificial Intelligent Web agent that is shaped by encounters with users, thereby simultaneously being part of the real and virtual worlds. Ruby converses with users, remembers their questions and names, ...


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