The Department of Communication at Cornell University advances social scientific discovery and application in Communication and Science, Media, and Technology through theoretical and applied research, and active instruction to 300 undergraduate and 40 graduate majors in B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. curricula.

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  • Models of public communication of science and technology 

    Lewenstein, Bruce V. (2003-06-16)
    Science journalism, science museums, community outreach programs about science – all these forms of "public communication of science and technology" have a long history. But little is understood about the systematic ...
  • Expertise, democracy, and science communication 

    Lewenstein, Bruce V. (2016-04-26)
    This paper presents an argument for the essential intertwining of expertise, democracy, and science communication.
  • Framing Annotation Data for News Articles 

    Baumer, Eric P. S.; Elovic, Elisha; Qin, Ying; Polletta, Francesca; Gay, Geri (North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2015)
    These data were collected from Mechanical Turk workers ( and students at two research universities who were asked to highlight the words and phrases related to framing in political news articles.
  • Modelos de comprensión pública: la política de la participación pública (Models of Public Understanding: The Politics of Public Engagement) 

    Lewenstein, Bruce V. (University of Salamanca, 2010-12)
    In this paper, I will highlight some of the assumptions underlying the new language and approach in the field of science communication, –that is, the language of public engagement or social appropriation. My goal is to ...
  • What does citizen science accomplish 

    Lewenstein, Bruce V. (2004-06-08)
    The terms "citizen science" and "citizen scientist" have at least three meanings: (1) the participation of nonscientists in the process of gathering data according to specific scientific protocols and in the process of ...

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