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    • 3D modeling of aflibercept transport in the vitreous humor 

      Li, Kevin; Limjoco, Matthew; Zarate, Jason (2017-05-11)
      Aflibercept is an anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) drug used to treat several retinal diseases such as macular degeneration. It accomplishes this by binding and inhibiting VEGF, which is the growth factor ...
    • Beginning the Search for Polyphosphate Accumulating Organisms in the Landscape 

      Delwiche, Kyle (Cornell University, 2005-08-03)
      This presentation demonstrates research into the search for polyphosphate accumulating organisms in the landscape. The goal is to better understand the contributing factors of phosphorus movement in natural soils.
    • Betamethasone Phosphate Drug Delivery by Biodegradable Ocular Implant 

      Chari, Tara; Li, Catherine; Varghese, Rebecca; Yang, Qiuwei (2017-05-17)
      Biodegradable implants have been steadily gaining popularity, offering safer, more efficient alternatives to common therapeutics. Currently, most ocular implants that are used for sustainable drug delivery are non-biodegradable. ...
    • Comparison of Oxygen Flux in Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses 

      Cohan, Jonathan; Cho, Eun Ae; Connors, Megan (2008-07-23)
      The prevalence of contact lens use has been continuously growing for their convenience and for cosmetic reasons. Although contact lenses do offer many advantages over glasses, the major concern for many contact lens users ...
    • Computational Modelling of Water Transport in Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing, DuoDERMⓇ CGF, and Design Recommendations 

      Cabot, Jackson; Klein, Robert; Sasso, Grainger; Sasso, Grainger; Zhang, Viola (2018-05-10)
      Hydrocolloids, and further hydrogels, have arisen as attractive next-generation wound dressings because of their modularity and ability to retain moisture. Hydrocolloids, like DuoDERM Ⓡ CGF, are intended for partial and ...
    • Computational Study of Hydrogel Ring Device for Ocular Drug Delivery 

      Hanif, Sarah; Lim, Abigail; Sit, Hilarie; Tan, Wan Qing Melissa (2018-05-10)
      Researchers have developed many different kinds of ocular drug delivery devices. However, most address anterior eye disorders—very few are designed specifically for the treatment of posterior eye diseases. A recently-developed ...
    • Cool-sculpting: Optimizing Total Fat Loss During Cryolipolysis 

      Rosario, Nicole; Kemp, Jazmin; Mushtaq, Yasmeen; Boter, Michelle (2018-05-19)
      Cryolipolysis has become a more prevalent, non-invasive fat loss procedure. Multiple studies have been performed to assess the effi ciency of cryolipolysis techniques. This research includes optimization of cooling temperature ...
    • Defining Hydrologic Response Units to Account for Variable Source Area Hydrology in SWAT 

      Siade, Adam (Internet-First University Press, 2005-08-03)
      This is a poster presentation concerning research into the anthropogenic influences on the water quality of a watershed. It was presented by Adam Saide of Humboldt State University.
    • Density Driven Spread of Anesthesia in Cerebrospinal Fluid 

      Bollapragada, Rajesh; Chen, Victor; Khan, Priyanka; Pierides, Michael (2017-05-17)
      Intrathecal administration of anesthesia is performed for purposes of sensory and motor nerve blockage during surgeries to the abdomen and lower extremities. The spread of anesthesia is primarily based on the injection ...
    • Design of Transmucosal Patch for Fentanyl Delivery to Cancer Patients 

      Van Breugel, Floris; Reznik, Ed; Burnett, Nick; Frid, Simon (2008-07-23)
      Fentanyl is an analgesic that is about 80 times more potent than morphine. It is administered as a transdermal patch for chronic pain relief and as an oral transmucosal lozenge for breakthrough pain relief which is often ...
    • Designing and Optimizing a Protocol for Whole-Ovary Vitrification 

      Scott, Mitchell Tyler; Chen, Dave; Cheng, Evan (2020-05)
      Ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC), a process to preserve human ovarian tissue by cooling to subzero temperature without ice formation, has been increasingly studied within the last 15 years. This is due to the growing ...
    • Don’t Breathe on Me 

      Brigham, Rae; Machireddy, Meghana; Sequeira, Yohan (2019-05)
      The contamination of surfaces in public spaces is of great importance to minimizing disease spread. When a large number of people share public spaces in close proximity, aerial disease transmission becomes common, especially ...
    • Drug Delivery via GLIADEL Wafer for Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) 

      Ericksen, William Leif; Fortin, Lyndsey; Hou, Cheryl; Shum, Katrina (2008-07-23)
      Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), one of the most common primary glial tumors, is often treated with tumor resection surgery combined with GLIADEL wafers containing carmustine. These wafers are made with a degradable polymer ...
    • Earthworms and Sludge Contaminated Soils: The Long Term Effects of Land Applied Waste 

      Dougherty, Colleen; Ervin, Rhiannon (Cornell University, 2005-08-03)
      This presentation demonstrates research into the long term effects of land applied waste. It was presented by Colleen Dougherty of Cornell University and Rhianna Ervin or Vanderbilt University.
    • The Effect of Face Topography on Frostbite 

      Chen, Fang; Huan, Zhongling; Kendl, Sarah; Cambonchi, Alejandra (2019-05)
      Winters in most countries within the Northern hemisphere, which include heavily populated regions of Russia, Canada, China, and the United States, are commonly known to be harsh, unforgiving, and unpredictable. Cold ...
    • Effect of Fibrotic Layer Formation on Oxygen Delivery to Pancreatic Cells in a (REDACTED) Cell Encapsulation Device 

      Fibrosis is an immune response that handicaps the effectiveness of biomedical devices for individuals with type 1 diabetes. As an implant becomes encapsulated with connective tissue, forming a fibrotic layer, cells within ...
    • Effect of Layout and Shape to the Drug Delivery of Intratumoral Implant 

      Xue, Zhengxing; Cai, Yalu; Fuchs, Matthieu (2020-05)
      Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. In 2015, about 90.5 million people had cancer. About 14.1 million new cases occur a year.[1] ...
    • The Effect of Vascularization and Tissue Type on Cryosurgical Procedures 

      Magleby, Reed; Schallop, Amanda; Shulman, Eric; Sterling, Joshua (2008-07-23)
      Cryosurgery is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that is used in the treatment of multiple types of cancer. Although cryosurgical treatments, which involve the application of extreme cold to diseased or cancerous ...
    • The Effects of Applied Local Heat on Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems 

      Holmberg, Karin; Kong, Janay; Lee, Sarah; Horwitz, Joshua (2008-07-23)
      Transdermal drug delivery systems have been developed over the past several decades and now include patches for birth control, nicotine addiction, and pain relief. The local application of heat can increase the diffusion ...
    • Finite Element Model of Human Thermoregulation in Cold Conditions 

      Berman, Aaron; Khalatyan, Yekaterina; Umeki, Chris; Zhou, Max (2019-05)
      The human body can only function properly within a narrow range of temperatures. Therefore, the regulation of body temperature is a critical part of survival. Thermal homeostasis is maintained through complex feedback ...