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    • Corticosteroid Injection for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Knee 

      Cho, Kyoung Won; Bae, Rebecca; Kim, Yoon Soo; Markt, George (2012-01-18)
    • CPR: Are You Saving People the Right Way? 

      Cable, Brittany; Jian, Rui; Chen, Ying Ru; Wang, Zi (2012-01-18)
    • Cryogenic Freezing of the Entire Prostate Gland 

      Ehrenberg, Morton; Flynn, Terence; Seth, Rajeev; Thompson, Glenn; Yi, Jason (2000-01-10)
      The goal of this study was to model cryogenic freezing of the entire prostate, using five cryoprobes, while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. A 3-D model was attempted, but failed due to time constraints; ...
    • Cryogenic Treatment of the Common Wart 

      Cuneo, Kyle; LeBarron, Jamie; Reynolds, Jaimee; Tiberio, Christine; Yoo, Sylvia (2004-11-12)
      This study models the effect of applying subzero temperature liquids to the surface of a common wart. The goal was to determine which variables (i.e. conductivity of skin, temperature of liquid, duration of application) ...
    • Cryopreservation of the Kidney: A Feasibility Study Based on Cooling Rates 

      Malvica, Erica; Salter, Ben; Verma, Kush; Watkins, Tara; Shauhgnesy, Michael (2003-07-12)
      This project models the cryopreservation of a kidney submerged in liquid nitrogen. Attempts to cryopreserve whole organs have been unsuccessful in the past due to the formation of ice crystals in the intracellular fluid, ...
    • Cryopreservation of Umbilical Cord Tissue for Stem Cell Harvesting 

      Buchwald, Steven; Chiu, Nicole; Chu, Melvin; Kim, Hesed; Yeang, Calvin (2003-07-12)
      Stem cell transplantation has become an important process used to treat patients with bone marrow diseases. When implanted into patients, stem cells from the umbilical cord have been found to successfully proliferate as ...
    • A Cryosurgical Approach to Lung Cancer 

      Cabrera, Edgar Allen; Mullaney, Kerry; Ramirez, Marina (2004-07-13)
      Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United Statesi, presenting the need for more refined treatment options than traditional invasive surgery and chemo- and radiation therapy. This study investigates the ...
    • CU ABEN Graduate Degrees (1913 - 1995) 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Stanton, Ruth; Bates, Sandy (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a Chronological and Alphabetical Listing of the Graduate Degrees for the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Cornell University from 1913- 1995.
    • Cupric Ion Release from Various IUD Geometries 

      Hernández, Sascha; Riggs, Lauren; Widjaja, Edison (2016-05-16)
      Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are gaining popularity as a form of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC); once inserted, copper IUDs can be effective for up to ten years and require no action from the user. The ...
    • Data from: Recharge and groundwater use in the North China Plain for six irrigated crops for an eleven year period 

      Yang, Xiaolin; Sui, Peng; Chen, Yuanquan; Gao, Wangsheng (2014-09-03)
      (Related journal paper prepared in cooperation with Cornell University, BEE Soil and Water Lab. Paper abstract follows.) Water tables are dropping by approximately one meter annually throughout the North China Plain ...
    • Defining Hydrologic Response Units to Account for Variable Source Area Hydrology in SWAT 

      Siade, Adam (Internet-First University Press, 2005-08-03)
      This is a poster presentation concerning research into the anthropogenic influences on the water quality of a watershed. It was presented by Adam Saide of Humboldt State University.
    • Delayed Effects of Hydrofluoric Acid Burn 

      Felsovalyi, Flora; Jap, Bennett; Robilotto, Anthony; Tong, Gary (2001-01-07)
      Hydrofluoric acid burn is a common work related injury. After initial contact, hydrofluoric acid diffuses through the skin where it eventually reaches the bone. Once in contact, dissociated F- ions react with the calcium ...
    • Density Driven Spread of Anesthesia in Cerebrospinal Fluid 

      Bollapragada, Rajesh; Chen, Victor; Khan, Priyanka; Pierides, Michael (2017-05-17)
      Intrathecal administration of anesthesia is performed for purposes of sensory and motor nerve blockage during surgeries to the abdomen and lower extremities. The spread of anesthesia is primarily based on the injection ...
    • The Dermal Diffusion of Methyl Salicylate in Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Cream 

      Arenz, Jacqueline; Reid, Shenee; Sailor, Jessica; Serna, Carol; Woods, Virginia (2006-01-16)
    • Design of Transmucosal Patch for Fentanyl Delivery to Cancer Patients 

      Van Breugel, Floris; Reznik, Ed; Burnett, Nick; Frid, Simon (2008-07-23)
      Fentanyl is an analgesic that is about 80 times more potent than morphine. It is administered as a transdermal patch for chronic pain relief and as an oral transmucosal lozenge for breakthrough pain relief which is often ...
    • Designing and Optimizing a Protocol for Whole-Ovary Vitrification 

      Scott, Mitchell Tyler; Chen, Dave; Cheng, Evan (2020-05)
      Ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC), a process to preserve human ovarian tissue by cooling to subzero temperature without ice formation, has been increasingly studied within the last 15 years. This is due to the growing ...
    • Development of a Drug Delivery System with a Constant Rate of Release 

      Wheeler, Shannon; Russell, Robert; Leibowitz, Bronna; Price, Corrinne; Cutillo, Monica (2005-11-07)
      You do not have to search long to find someone who is taking orally administered medication on a daily basis. Pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and pain relievers help us live healthier lives; however the administration ...
    • Development of a Drug Delivery System with a Constant Rate of Release 

      Wheeler, Shannon; Russell, Robert; Leibowitz, Bronna; Price, Corrinne; Cutilla, Monica (2006-01-16)
    • Development of Frostbite in the Fingers 

      Chanler-Berat, Derek; Eckhardt, Ben; Reed, Kory; Morehead, Justin; Colosi, Lisa (2004-11-12)
      Physiologically, frostbite can only occur after a segment of tissue has been exposed to the elements for sufficient time such that the tissue temperature remains constant at 0 ?C and the solutions inside the tissue itself ...
    • Diffusion and Binding of Radio-Labeled Antibodies in a Tumor 

      Schweitzer, Andrew; Su, Wan-Lin; Benlifer, Adam; Mathrani, Vikram; Aarismaa, Linda (2004-07-13)
      With the decreasing cost of monoclonal antibody production, radioimmunotherapy (RIT) has rapidly emerged as one of the more promising methods of treating cancer cells. RIT makes use of radio-labeled monoclonal antibodies ...