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    • Effect of Drug-eluting Stents in Coronary Arteries 

      Lee, Katherine; Kim, John; Chi, Ashley; Wang, Katie; Lambert, William (2006-01-16)
    • The Effect of the Diving/Wet Suit on the Survival Time in Cold Water Immersion 

      Chung, Chris; Shim, Ju Sok (2007-07-10)
      In this study, we will compare the effect of normal clothes (assumed as bare skin) with effect of wetsuit in maintaining the core body temperature, produced by metabolic heat generations and blood flow heat generation, ...
    • Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the Head 

      Cai, Angela; Cho, Youjin; Nguyen, Mytien; Polamraju, Praveen (2014-05-28)
      The brain is sensitive to small changes in temperature. Temperature increases may affect enzyme function, leading to possible negative biological effects. Living tissues are dielectric materials, which are subjected to ...
    • Effects of Moisture Content on Oxygen Diffusion through a Contact Lens 

      Green, Angela; Chang, Cindy; Haery, Leila; Ortiz, Michael; Gillen, Elizabeth (2006-01-16)
    • The Effects of Topical Heating for Therapeutic Uses 

      Davis, Philip M.; Gaborski, Thomas; Pardo, Jaime; Patcha, Prasanth; Whitman, Kimberly (2004-11-12)
      The application of topical heat for therapeutic purposes has become commonplace in America. It is used by professionals including physical therapists and physicians to treat their patients as well as by individuals within ...
    • Efficacy of nanoparticle-encapsulated BCNU delivery in a pCPP:SA scaffold for treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme 

      Bunis, Dan; Card, Camisha; Lin, Jessica; Rhee, Stephanie (2012-05-03)
    • Endovenous Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins 

      Agalar, Mirabella; Hsia, Allison; Kelkar, Mona; Zanini, Zachary (2012-05-04)
    • Ex Vivo Maintenance of Heart Viability: Comparison of Two Methods 

      Bridgen, Devin; Hagens, John; Brink, Rob; Gregg, Peter; Aridgides, Dan; Faghri, Ali (2006-05-24)
      Currently established methods of tissue preservation for heart transplantation involve placing the harvested donor heart in a cold, nutrient-rich cardioplegic solution. Clinically, methods like these have only been shown ...
    • Ex-Vivo Chemotherapeutic Drug Treatment of Human Tumor Spheroids 

      Herynk, Brad; Liu, Vivian; Sabhaz, Jasmin; Starchenko, Alina (2010-05-21)
      Drug testing of microspheroid tumors ex-vivo has proven to mimic micrometastases in the bloodstream of cancer patients1. More recently, cancer treatment has turned to developing individual drug regimens that target specific ...
    • Ferromagnetic Thermal Ablation of Prostate Tumor 

      Avissar, Michael; Ishman, Naquan; Lee, Sui Ping; Patel, Payal (2001-01-07)
      There are many forms of treatment for prostate cancer. One set of treatments is called hyperthermia, the heating of tumor tissue to destroy it. Thermal ablation is a form of hyperthermia that destroys both normal and cell ...
    • Freezing a Fillet-o-Fish 

      Fong, Jeannette; Ishikawa, Dave; Jackson, Andrea; Leung, Andrea; Yeung, Roger (2001-01-07)
      The frozen food industry is a billion dollar industry that demands efficient manufacturing of consumer products. Through modeling the freezing within a fish fillet, the process of storing and distributing this product is ...
    • Frostbite in Ithaca: A Walk to Riley-Robb 

      Aridgides, Lynn; Avrin, Becky; Smith, Chris (2000-01-10)
      Frostbite occurs when body tissues freeze after being exposed to extreme cold and wind. It?s most likely to occur on body extremities ? fingers, nose, ears, and toes ? areas far from the warm body core and exposed to the ...
    • Frostbite in the Ear 

      Chiou, Jacqueline; Hortelano, Bruno; Macy, Taylor; Weinlandt, Will (2014-05-28)
      In many polar regions of the Earth, winters are long and cold, and they pose a series of problems to poorly-prepared residents. When walking outside on a cold winter’s day, freezing winds induce a high risk of frostbite ...
    • Hand-Injectable Acrylic Bone Cement Applicator for Skull Base Bone Replacement 

      Gonos, James; Levatich, Mark; Smith, Ryan; Zappacosta, Corinne (2009-05-08)
      One of the only existing procedures to remove brain tumors at the skull base is endoscopic endonasal neurosurgery. The most difficult part of this surgery is closing the hole created in the skull, which currently is solved ...
    • Heart Cryopreservation 

      Foote, Stacey; Gaines, Carmen; Levine, Jacob; Pecak, Garry; Saikkonen, Kelly (2000-01-10)
      Heart disease affects many people and heart transplants are becoming more common. Limited shelf life is a major hindrance to the success of heart transplants. Cryopreservation opens an avenue for increasing shelf life. ...
    • Heat and Moisture Transport in the Nasal Cavity 

      Bahr, Douglas; Tyler, John Poe; Weinert, Peter; Egan, John (2000-01-10)
      The intake of air into the lungs is obviously a vital process for the survival of humans, and the conditioning of this air from ambient to alveolar is a necessity accomplished primarily in the nasal cavity. The human nose ...
    • Heat Loss in the Carotid Artery During Selective Brain Cooling in Humans 

      Attygalle, Suneth; Girnary, Hussein; Jeffrey, Natalie; Lee, Sean; Torre, Rosa (2006-05-24)
      Heat flow in the neck was simulated in FLUENT to study countercurrent effects of cooling blood in the carotid artery during selective brain cooling. The simulation was performed in order to verify Zhu?s theory (used as a ...
    • The Heat Transfer Modeling for Minimization of Thermal Necrosis in Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty 

      Baskind, Daniel; Kim, Hyunjin; Min, Flora; Park, Hyeongsu (2009-05-08)
      In the past, the only option for replacing broken or otherwise malfunctioning hip bones was total hip replacement (THR), which involved the removal of the body's natural hip joint and replacing it with an entirely synthetic ...
    • Heat Treatment of an Enlarged Prostate 

      Alexander, Conor; Cohen, Rich; Furman, Guy; Pino, Chris; Schleifer-Schneggenburger, Jill (2001-01-07)
      An enlarged prostate, known in the medical field as either benign prostate hyperplasia or benign prostate hypertrophy, is a common affliction among older men, resulting in a difficulty in urination. The condition is also ...
    • Heating Effects of Dental Drilling 

      Bunimovich, Yuri; Mintseris, Julian; Kim, Becky; Mohan, Vivek (1999-01-10)
      Drilling causes pain in the tooth for various reasons. This paper addresses the heating of the pulpal region due to friction from drilling. The heating may depend on such parameters as the speed of the drill, water supply, ...