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    • Ortho Evra: How Effective is the Patch in Women of Varying Weight 

      Kwiatkowski, Peter; Auerbach, Jon; Clouser, Brian; Di Iorio, Daniela; Minchoff, CJ (2004-07-13)
      This study researched the birth control patch, Ortho Evra and the diffusivity of the hormones, ethinyl estradiol and norelogestromin, into the body through the epidermis. We modeled that all of the species that diffused ...
    • Paclitaxel Drug Elution from a Biodegradable Stent 

      Lam, Gary; Lee, Jason; Nguyen, Nam; Wu, Kevin (2009-05-08)
      Recently, drug-eluting stents have become a common treatment for coronary heart disease. These stents are usually loaded with a drug that prevents restenosis. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with the placement ...
    • Patch Immunization: Transcutaneous Vaccination for the Cholera Toxin and Optimization of Immunization Cycles 

      Singh, Babu; Shoor, Priya; Shah, Avani (2007-07-10)
      The main point of this analysis was to investigate the diffusion of the cholera vaccination through specific layers of the skin. The antigen was initially modeled through the skin directly to the blood stream. The antigen ...
    • PC-Elastic: Instructional Finite Element Analysis for Solving Elasticity Problems With the IBM-PC® 

      Cooke, J. R.; Davis, D. C.; Sobel, E. T.; Gates, R.S.; Perl, R.N. (Cooke Publications, Ltd., Ithaca, NY, 1989)
      PC-Elastic is an instructional finite element analysis program (for IBM-PCs of the pre-Windows era) for the novice for problems in two-dimension and axisymmetric, linear elasticity. The computation code is based upon the ...
    • PC-Poisson™: Instructional Finite Element Analysis for Solving Poisson's Equation With the IBM-PC® 

      Cooke, J. R.; Davis, D. C.; Sobel, E. T.; Gates, R.S.; Perl, R.N. (Cooke Publications, Ithaca, NY, 1989)
      PC-Poisson is an instructional finite element analysis program (for IBM-PCs of the pre-Windows era) for the novice for problems governed by the Poisson equation (for two-dimensional and axisymmetric geometry). The computation ...
    • Pc-Registrar: A Specialized Database For Course Information 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Neto, Octavio; Sikkens, Roelof; Perl, Robert (Cooke Publications, Ltd., Ithaca, NY, 1990)
      PC-Registrar is a specialized database program for managing course information, e.g. students, grades, and was created for IBM-PCs and PS-2 personal computers (of the pre-Windows days). Features included import and export ...
    • Peritoneal Kidney Dialysis 

      Basu, Arunabha; Lim, Esther; Zhou, Sherry; Zhu, Charles (2010-05-21)
      Chronic kidney disease is a public health problem that afflicts over a tenth of the United States adult population. In this report, we describe the evaluation and analysis of peritoneal dialysis as a method of treatment ...
    • pH-Dependent Drug Delivery Systems 

      Klosiewicz, Bryan; Legato, Joseph; Oh, Jason; Rivers, Shajuana (2007-07-10)
      Gastric carcinoma, or stomach cancer, is a major disease in the world today. Although it only accounts for about 2% of all cancer cases in the United States, it is much more prevalent in nations such as Korea, Japan, Great ...
    • Photothermolysis Treatment of Acne and the Effects on Healthy Surrounding Tissue 

      Chin, Karen; Huang, Wilson; Peng, David; Shum, Jennifer (2008-07-23)
      Acne vulgaris, mostly known as pimple, is common among humans in various ages. Many treatments are available to treat acnes. With the current most effective treatment of ace, isotretinoin, having side effects, photothermolysis ...
    • A Pioneering Department: Evolution from Rural Engineering to Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, 1907 - 2007 

      Furry, Ronald B. (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      Why does a Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering exist at Cornell University and what was the vision of those who saw the need? This book explores the beginnings and growth of Biological and Environmental ...
    • Predicting Embryonic Dynamics and Development 

      Francken, Miles; Patish, Levi; Streitman, David; Yoshitake, Sho (2015-05-19)
      Although the chick embryo has long been used as a model for mammalian embryogenesis, there is a need to understand the changing tissue properties that cause physiological changes. Most imaging techniques have proven ...
    • Presentations of Business Plans–BEE 4890 

      Unknown author (The Internet-First University Press, 2011-12-01)
      The oral presentations of eight student groups in the course, Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers (BEE 4890) are presented. The topics include plans for: 1) statistical software for epidemiology, 2) digital textbooks ...
    • Procoagulant Microparticle Interactions Due to P-sel-Ig in Hemophilia A Patients 

      Lin, Iris; Waidyaratne, Gavisha; Chainani, Masoom; Venosa, Ethan (2016-05-16)
      Congenital hemophilia is a hereditary, X-linked blood-clotting disease that involves insufficient clotting factors VIII and IX. There are two types of hemophilia, Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. Hemophilia A is the most ...
    • Prostate Cryosurgery with Various Numbers of Probes 

      Chow, Brian; Lau, Ingar; Neidrauer, Mike; Park, Jennifer (2000-01-10)
      Cryosurgery is an increasingly popular way to treat prostate cancer. This process includes inserting one or more probes directly into the prostate to freeze the whole tissue and kill the cancer cells. The number of probes ...
    • Protecting Orange Saplings from Irreparable Frost Damage 

      Buchlis, George; Koetje, Bethany; Kwon, Sang Yeon; Manos, Jamie; Rand, Gabriel (2004-07-13)
      Nocturnal frost and freeze damage can have a major impact on the survival and fruit production of young citrus trees. When temperatures fall below -4oC irreparable damage occurs. Because of this damage, many methods, ...
    • The Publications, Papers and Patents (1980-1995) 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 1996-02-22)
      This is a list of the Publications, Papers and Patents for Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering for the years 1980 - 1995.
    • Put Your Best Teeth Forward: A Mass Transfer Study of Crest Whitestrips 

      vinegar, abby; gaborski, pam; Bermudez, Claudia; Davis, Patty (2004-06-17)
      Crest Whitestrips are thin, liquid films adhered to a plastic exterior that can be applied directly to the tooth, enabling mass transfer of its active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, to penetrate the tooth outer layer. The ...
    • QuikBase: The quick database program 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Bartlett, James V. (Cooke Publications, Ithaca, New York, 1989)
    • Radiofrequency Ablation for Treatment of Osteoid Osteoma Tumors 

      Gonzalez, Ruth; Jones, Caroline; Meltzer, Sara; Miksic, Vonya; Patel, Payal (2004-11-12)
      This project analyzes the different parameters involved in the use of radiofrequency ablation in destruction of osteoid osteoma tumors. Osteoid osteomas occur most frequently in the long tubular bones, especially those in ...
    • Radiofrequency Ablation to kill Kidney Tumors 

      Sharma, Manish; Lafrance, Tim; Ducharme, Richard; Taylor, Kristin; Wobbrock, Nicholas (2003-07-12)
      Radiofrequency ablation is a technique to destroy tissue cells by heating them above 460C. This method is specifically used in treating tumors smaller than 5 cm in diameter by placing the heated probe within the dysfunctional ...