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    • Water Flow and Heat Transfer Pattern in a HPS lamp 

      Gupta, Meghna; Langford, Darcey; Leary, Dan; Linhart, David; Piech, Tomasz (1999-01-10)
      The purpose of this report is to model a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light bulb. Velocity and heat transfer profiles were computed to determine the optimal configuration of heat evacuation using a liquid coolant. In this ...
    • Water Quality Parameters at Small Tributaries to Owasco Lake for 2016-2018 

      Lisboa, Maria Sol; Foley, Jillian; Walter, M. Todd (2020)
    • The Way to Spray: Modeling Nasal Spray Deposition 

      Mahtani, Amrita; Mendoza, Guilly; Yang, Weilin; Zhou, Robin (2009-05-08)
      Intranasal drug delivery is an alternative method in addition to traditional oral and intravenous doses. Nasal drug delivery has proven to be a very effective technique for nicotine cessation (Hjalmarson et al., 1994), the ...
    • What Happens When You Swallow a Hydrogel Pill? 

      Carroll, Katherine; Connolly, Rachel; Hearn, Kaitlin; Yasin, Imran (2017-05-16)
      The scientific world has limited knowledge on tablet properties, so scientists want a reliable method to investigate these properties and their effects on the drug release profile. We developed a model that is based on ...
    • When Motion Sickness Can't Wait 

      Hung, Robert; Tandon, Meera Lita; Sheido Yodit (2006-01-16)
    • Will You Warm My Hand? 

      Ho, Calvin; Teh, Cheryl; Kou, Cynthia; Chan, Jason; Mok, Lawrence (2002-11-12)
      The objective of this design was to determine the effect of a commercial heating patch in a gloved hand on a cold day. Using Gambit and FIDAP, we meshed a gloved hand with results showing that this patch indeed warms the ...

      Cooke, Nancy B.; Cooke, Richard D. (Cooke Publications, Ithaca, New York, 1991)
      MathWriter 2.0 is the first word processor that enables you to type equations as easily as text. You can write and edit a document containing equations without pasting or moving back and forth between various programs or ...
    • Yves Parlange Reminisces 

      Parlange, Jean-Yves; Scott, Norman R. (Internet-First University Press, 2013-09-04)