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dc.contributor.authorColle, Royal D. (interviewer)
dc.description.abstractProduced by: Royal D. Colle
dc.description.abstractAudio editing: J. Robert Cooke
dc.description.abstractLarry Zuidema, who was Associate Director of the International Agriculture Program in the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for three decades beginning in the early 1960s, is interviewed by Royal Colle on February 15, 2006. Zuidema discusses the beginnings of the International Agriculture Program and some of its major accomplishments in building a world class curriculum in international agriculture. Zuidema also cites the various institution-building projects that Cornell engaged in, including those in China, the Philippines and Western Samoa. He discusses some of the Cornellians who made major contributions to the success of the Program.en_US
dc.subjectLarry Zuidema
dc.subjectRoy Colle
dc.subjectOral History
dc.titleThe Larry Zuidema Interview of February 15, 2006en_US

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