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dc.contributor.authorJames A. Baker Institute for Animal Healthen_US
dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Lynne S.en_US
dc.contributor.authorSpecchio, Stephanieen_US
dc.identifier.citationBaker Institute for Animal Health Annual Report 2009-2010en_US
dc.descriptionBaker Institute for Animal Health Annual Report 2009-2010en_US
dc.description.abstractTopics in this Annual Report include: Table of Contents; Director's Message (Judy Appleton); Lavender Foal Syndrome (Douglas F. Antczak); Canine Vision Quest (Gregory M. Acland); Alpaca Parasites (Judith A. Appleton); Canine Breast Cancer (Scott A. Coonrod); Controlling Cryptosporidiosis (Susan K. Bliss); Researching Canine Reproductive Diseases (Vicki N. Meyers-Wallen); Leasing Leishmaniasis (Susan Mendez): Genetics of Domesticated Behavior in Foxes (Anna V. Kukekova); Virulent Virus Affects Felines (John S.L. Parker); Controlling Canine Influenza (Colin Parris); Publications Jan 2009 to June 2010; Faculty Accomplishments Jan 2009 to June 2010; Active Faculty Funding Jan 2009-June 2010; Baker Institute Trainees: PhD Degrees Awarded 2009-June 2010; News and Events; Mission: Operation Control: Research to understand cancer hopes to control chaos (Judy Wilpon); Pioneer Award Recognizes Plan to Target Tumors (Alexander J. Travis); Training Veterinary Researchers for the Future (Doug McGregor); Canine Hip Dysplasia: A Cornerstone of Research at the Baker Institute (George Lust); Memorial Gift Program: Honor Roll of Giving; Financial Summary 2009; Baker Institute Advisory Council; [Letter from Chair Advisory Council] (Richard Henry, David Behnke); Faculty Staff and Student Directory, Jan 2009 to June 2010.en_US
dc.publisherCornell University College of Veterinary Medicineen_US
dc.subjectJames A. Baker Institute for Animal Healthen_US
dc.titleBaker Institute for Animal Health Annual Report 2009-2010en_US

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