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dc.contributor.authorZehnder, Alan
dc.descriptionThis item was removed by request of the Author on 3/28/2012. An electronic copy of this work is now available at
dc.description.abstractThis book is written for students who want to understand, apply and contribute to the vast and growing field of fracture mechanics. The emphasis is on mechanics models for crack tip fields and energy flows. A brief discussion of computational fracture methods is given along with applied aspects such as fracture toughness testing and fracture criteria. As I intend to update the notes, I would be happy to take any suggestions or corrections and am open to collaboration to expand the coverage.en_US
dc.format.extent6604301 bytes
dc.subjectfracture toughnessen_US
dc.subjectenergy release rateen_US
dc.subjectstress intensity factoren_US
dc.subjectJ integralen_US
dc.subjectfracture criteriaen_US
dc.subjectductile fractureen_US
dc.subjectbrittle fractureen_US
dc.subjectcohesive zoneen_US
dc.subjectsmall scale yieldingen_US
dc.subjectlarge scale yieldingen_US
dc.subjectcrack stabilityen_US
dc.subjectplastic zoneen_US
dc.subjectcrack tipen_US
dc.subjectDugdale modelen_US
dc.subjecttoughness testen_US
dc.subjectcomputational fractureen_US
dc.subjectdomain integralen_US
dc.subjectmodified crack closureen_US
dc.subjectnodal releaseen_US
dc.titleLecture Notes on Fracture Mechanicsen_US

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