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    • Creating a Sustainable Scholarly Communication System 

      King, Kenneth M. (Internet-First University Press, 2004-05-27)
      The current process of scholarly publication is widely regarded as unsustainable. Ensuring that scholarly information remains accessible to the world's scholars will require the work of a consortium of major research ...
    • Building an E-Publishing Model from the Stakeholders on Up 

      Gibbons, Susan (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      Develop a business model to adapt DSpace for e-publishing..
    • Open-Access Scholarly Publishing 

      Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      Can open-access scholarship succeed? Should open-access scholarship succeed? The goals are to lower costs and increase access. Four topics are reviewed: 1) Three Fundamental Ideas 2) Transition from Paper to ...
    • Developing an Institutionally-funded Publishing Channel: Context & Considerations for Key Issues 

      Crow, Raym (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      The purpose of this presentation is to explore the viability of direct institutional funding for publishing faculty research, and to define a practical publishing mechanism by which to implement the model.
    • Workshop on Sustainable Models for University-based Scholarly Publishing 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      The purpose of this presentation is to explore financially sustainable and effective approaches to scholarly communications for and by higher education, to identify shared interests, and to facilitate multi-campus ...
    • Responsible Publishing 

      Wittenberg, Kate (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      Responsible Publishing: Thinking Creatively and Collaboratively. Breaking Down Traditional Publishing Categories: Books, Journals, Databases, Grey Literature, Teaching Resources Creating New Alliances with Scholars, ...
    • List of Attendees for the Workshop on 'Sustainable Models for University-based Scholarly Publishing' 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      List of Attendees for the Workshop on 'Sustainable Models for University-based Scholarly Publishing'.
    • Workshop on 'Sustainable Models for University-based Scholarly Publishing' 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      Agenda for the Workshop on 'Sustainable Models for University-based Scholarly Publishing' from June 01, 2004.
    • Workshop on Scholarly Publishing: Remarks during Open Session 

      Neal, James G. (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      A discussion of Scholarly Communication issues and concerns.
    • Open-Access Scholarly Publishing in Economic Perspective 

      Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-11)
      What is the prospect for migrating scholarly journals from paper to digital formats in a way that lowers university expenditures? Although many journals are published digitally, at least so far, the digital format ...
    • Developing an Institutionally-Funded Publishing Channel: Context and Considerations for Key Issues 

      Crow, Raym (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-31)
      Cornell's Internet First University Press (IFUP) seeks to explore the practical viability of direct institutional funding for serial and monographic publication of an institution?s faculty research. To effect fundamental ...
    • Immigrants and the Community 

      Pfeffer, Max J.; Para, Pilar A. (Cornell University, 2004-11)
      Many upstate New York communities have experienced population loss and decline in the last decade. Increasing numbers of immigrants have settled in many of these communities, which poses possible community development ...
    • Project Euclid and the ArXiv: Complimentary and Contrasting Elements for Sustainability 

      Hickerson, H. Thomas (2005-01-10)
      New models of sustainability are evolving for the development and dissemination of scholarly information, but viable options are dependent on stable organizational foundations and sound managerial and financial models. ...
    • Three Frontiers in Open Access Scholarship 

      Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2005-01-13)
      There are three important frontiers in moving from subscription-based scholarly publications to delivery of scholarly works to readers without charge via the Internet. First are automated archives of preprints and post ...
    • Immigrants and the Community: Farmworkers with Families 

      Parra, Pilar A.; Pfeffer, Max J. (Cornell University, 2005-04)
      America's hired farm workforce has changed considerably in the last decade. The most apparent change has been its "latinization" during the past two decades. This is largely a consequence of large numbers of Mexicans ...
    • Workshop on new DSpace digital archive options set for May 9 

      Steele, William (Cornell Chronicle, 2005-05-05)
      Cornell's DSpace, an online digital archive administered by Cornell University Library to make university scholarship freely available, is offering new options for the university's scientists and scholars with the creation ...
    • Open Scholarship and Research Universities 

      Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2005-05-18)
      Compare the cost per article for publication in commercial journals, not-profit journals, and open-access journals. For universities that support open-archives and open-access journal management software as part of standard ...
    • The Cornell Library and Its Contributions to Open Access 

      Thomas, Sarah (2005-06-24)
      This presentation discusses the Cornell Library's approach to Open Access including examples of initiatives launched by the Library. The presenter was Sarah E. Thomas, C. A. Kroch University Librarian.
    • Cornell University Library's Publishing Model for Scholarly Literature 

      Ehling, Terry (2005-06-24)
      Terry Ehling, Director of Electronic Publishing at Cornell University presented the Cornell University Library's approach to Scholarly Publishing on the Web. Using the example of the the Library's innovative publishing ...
    • Overview of the Open Access Movement: National and International 

      Ginsparg, Paul (2005-06-24)
      Paul Ginsparg, Physics & Computing and Info. Sci. and Founder of e-Print presented an apolitical perspective on questions raised by Open Access initiatives. Various Financial Models and Initiatives were addressed.