Student research papers for Professor Ashim Datta's Biomed BEE 4530/Computer-aided Engineering course for 2002.

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  • Heating of Nanoshells by Near-infrared Radiation: A Rapid and Minimally-invasive method for destroying tumors 

    Arquiza, Apollo; Holt, Brendan; Lai, Kay; Mak, Hester; Mendelson, Avital (2006-05-24)
    The purpose of this project is to model a novel and promising cancer treatment that involves the destruction of tumor cells by the direct injection of biocompatible nanoparticles (gold-silicon nanoshells) and their subsequent ...
  • The Effect of a Cooler on the Rate of Heat Loss from a Horse Post-Exercise 

    Gates, Megan; Perkins, Luke; Salvat, Regina; Tang, Zhouwen (2006-05-24)
    Coolers are large wool blankets put on horses after exercising or bathing during cold weather. They are intended to allow moisture to travel away from the body of the horse while providing an insulating layer to help ...
  • Hormone Delivery System: The Contraceptive Ring 

    Antisell, Joanna; Poon, Tiffany; Borey, Adam; Briddell, Jenna; Palesch, Seth (2006-05-24)
    Many women use contraceptive methods that involve the hormones estrogen and progestin, which prevent the ovaries from developing and releasing mature eggs. This, therefore, prevents conception. Currently there are two ...
  • Cold Therapy of Sporting Injury in Upper Thigh Region: A Comprehensive Study on the Time Required to Achieve Optimal Cooling and the Effects of Swelling 

    Chen, Jack; Chiang, Ian; Hu, Alex; Huland, David; Youn, Paul (2006-05-24)
    One of the most common injuries amongst athletes is soft tissue injury due to impact, and the traditional treatment for this is cold therapy using an ice pack. While this treatment is effective, inexpensive, and easily ...
  • An Analysis of the Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch 

    Fields, Rachel; Fisher, Elana; Kramer, Scott; Kwan, Elaine; Wong, Angela (2006-05-24)
    The Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch is an effective alternative method of birth control. It releases two drugs, norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol, and these two drugs diffuse through a person?s skin and into their ...
  • Heat Loss in the Carotid Artery During Selective Brain Cooling in Humans 

    Attygalle, Suneth; Girnary, Hussein; Jeffrey, Natalie; Lee, Sean; Torre, Rosa (2006-05-24)
    Heat flow in the neck was simulated in FLUENT to study countercurrent effects of cooling blood in the carotid artery during selective brain cooling. The simulation was performed in order to verify Zhu?s theory (used as a ...
  • Ex Vivo Maintenance of Heart Viability: Comparison of Two Methods 

    Bridgen, Devin; Hagens, John; Brink, Rob; Gregg, Peter; Aridgides, Dan; Faghri, Ali (2006-05-24)
    Currently established methods of tissue preservation for heart transplantation involve placing the harvested donor heart in a cold, nutrient-rich cardioplegic solution. Clinically, methods like these have only been shown ...
  • The Advantage of Under Armour for Winter Sports Performance 

    Allen, Lisa; Chen, Brenda; Pokwal, Sonam; Graunke, Steve (2006-05-24)
    Under Armour produces apparel designed for winter sports athletes. This apparel aims to keep athletes comfortable by retaining body heat and removing moisture due to perspiration. Special wicking properties are claimed to ...
  • Angina Patch: Drug Delivery for Chest Pain 

    Lee, Jessica; Morgan, Lee; Yee, Jackie (2006-05-24)
    Angina pectoris is defined as chest pain due to lack of blood and oxygen to the heart. Nitroglycerin is an organic nitrate which treats angina by vasodilating both arteries and veins to increase blood flow to the heart. ...
  • Laser Interstitial Thermo-Therapy in Hepatic Tissue 

    Ahyow, Patrick; Lee, Brian; Wong, Kevin (2006-05-24)
    Laser Interstitial ThermoTherapy (LITT) is a well establish surgical method used in the treatment of tumors. This study analyzes the extent of tissue damage when using LITT in a liver. GAMBIT and FIDAP was used to model ...

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