This sub-community consists of artist's files submitted to the Rockefeller Foundation and National Video Resources in application for New Media Fellowships. The files comprise artistic proposals and outlines, individual artist's curriculum vitae and the supporting digital art media. For more information, please visit the Goldsen Archive's website.

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Recent Submissions

  • 2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material 

    Zuniga, Ricardo Miranda (2009-06-25)
    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material
  • 2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Wodiczko, Krysztof (2009-06-23)
    The proposed project would involve approximately four prominent sculptural monuments--urban statues in Boston and approximately twelve people whose postures and voice will be projected (juxtaposed) as a motion image upon them.
  • 2008 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Fellow Proposal 

    Vanouse, Paul (2009-06-09)
    "Latent Figure Protocol" takes the form of a media installation that uses DNA samples to create emergent representational images. The installation is centered upon a live scientific experiment, the result of which ...
  • 2008 Rockefeller New Media Fellow 

    Reas, (Casey) C.E.B. (2009-06-09)
    My ongoing work explores the dialectical relationship between naturally evolved systems and those that are engineered and synthetic. The imagery evokes transformation and visualizes systems in motion and at rest. Equally ...
  • 2008 Rockefeller New Media Fellow 

    Daniel, Sharon (2009-06-09)
    The Prison Industrial Complex represents a return to the institution of slavery - now under the guise of justice, security, and "corrections". As a result of California's "three strikes and you're out" law, inmate populations ...

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