The CIPA Capstone is a semester-long program designed for second-year Fellows. For each Capstone project, Fellows form consulting teams that propose relevant and actionable solutions to the problem at hand. The Capstone projects are multidisciplinary and experiential in nature, and Fellows have opportunities to learn from each other and from resources across the University, as well as from CIPA’s contacts in the field.

Recent Submissions

  • The Evaluation of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Exploration of Allocation in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi and Wisconsin 

    Miller, Michael; Li, Jixuan; Li, Zongrui; Zheng,Yuexi (2016-05)
    Our study was inspired by a 2009 lawsuit in Texas, where a nonprofit organization, the Inclusive Communities Project (ICP), sued the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for disproportionally allocating tax ...
  • Data Visualization for Use in Website Design 

    Schultz, Eric R.; Fiduccia, Peter C. (2016-05)
    Increasingly complicated data are being translated by organizations and individuals for consumption by the general public. As technologies have grown more advanced, visualizing data has become an increasingly popular means ...
  • Prioritization of Sustainability Projects at Cornell 

    Anderson, Kimberly; Meixuan, Dan; Edwards, Kristen; Mora, Antony; Zhao, Yun (2016-05)
    Sustainability at Cornell University is a complex process with many interested parties and stakeholders. A number of projects are in the pipeline for implementation on campus, and Cornell University Energy and Sustainability ...
  • Defining and Assessing Workforce Fragility in Boston 

    Bharadwaj, Shubha; Guo, Gavin; Latkar, Ameya; Li, Yangtian; Moretz, Derek; Tracy, Rob (2016-05)
    According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment levels in the United States are nearing 5.0%, and US economy seems to have recovered from the Great Recession. The City of Boston, in particular, ...


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