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    • Party at the home of Nikita Vvedenskaya September 16, 1989 

      Vvedenskaya, Nikita; Dobrushin, Roland; Karpelevich, Fridrikh; Minlos, Robert; Uspensky, Vladimir; Khasminskii, Rafail; Yushkevich, Alexander (1989-09-16)
      The following audio files are from a party in celebration of Eugene Dynkin's arrival in Moscow, Russia held at the home of Nikita Vvedenskaya, September 16, 1989. The interview is in five parts. The participants besides ...
    • Roland Dobrushin Interview June 2, 1989 

      Dobrushin, Roland (1989-06-02)
      Interview conducted by Eugene Dynkin with Roland L'vovich Dobrushin in Ithaca, New York on June 2, 1989. An English translation transcript of this interview is provided.
    • Roland Dobrushin Interview September 16, 1989 fragment 

      Dobrushin, Roland (1989-09-16)
      A fragment of the recording of the party at Nikita Vvedenskaya on September 16, 1989 on an occasion of Dynkin’s visit to Moscow. [Dobrushin, Karpelevich, Minlos,Uspenskiy, Khasminskiy, Yushkevich were among the guests.] ...