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dc.contributor.authorSmith, Donald F.
dc.descriptionPerson interviewed: Edward Hagyard Fallon. Other participants: William R. McGee, DVM (WSU 1940), Walter W. Zent, DVM (Cornell 1963), Luke Hagyard Fallon, DVM (Cornell 1996), Mrs. Priscilla Fallon, Ms. Ali McGee. Interviewer: Smith, Donald F. Interview date: June 25, 2010. Interview location: Lexington, Kentucky. Date biography was written: June 2012.en_US
dc.description.abstractWhen Edward Hagyard Fallon received his DVM in 1956, he joined the practice in Lexington, KY, now known as Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. He is the fourth in a line of family veterinarians that dates to 1876 when a Scottish-educated veterinarian named Edward Thomas Hagyard was called to Kentucky to consult on a valuable Shorthorn bull. An equine practice (institute) of world renown grew from that original encounter. Hagyard’s three sons were all graduates of the Ontario Veterinary College and worked either in the Lexington practice or in Nashville, Tennessee. Third-generation Charles Edward Hagyard (O.V.C. 1924) joined the practice following his graduation from the O.V.C. in 1924, and about 15 years later, Arthur Davidson (Iowa State University 1936) and William McGee (Washington State University 1940) completed the troika of partners for what for decades became known simply as Hagyard-Davidson-McGee. The son of Charlie Hagyard’s sister was Edward Fallon who studied at Cornell, as did Edward’s son, Luke Hagyard Fallon, the fifth generation equine veterinarian who received his DVM in 1996. The present interview includes not only Drs. Edward and Luke Fallon, but also Edward’s wife, Priscilla, William McGee and his granddaughter, Ali McGee Kelly, and Dr. Walter W. Zent ’63.en_US
dc.subjectEdward Hagyard Fallonen_US
dc.subjectCornell DVM 1956en_US
dc.subjectHagyard Equine Medical Instituteen_US
dc.subjectJohn Robert Hagyarden_US
dc.subjectThomas Horsley Hagyarden_US
dc.subjectEdward Weddell Hagyarden_US
dc.subjectCharles Edward Hagyarden_US
dc.subjectEdward Hagyard Fallonen_US
dc.subjectLuke Hagyard Fallonen_US
dc.subjectArthur Davidsonen_US
dc.subjectWilliam R. McGeeen_US
dc.subjectAli McGee Kellyen_US
dc.subjectWalter W. Zenten_US
dc.subjectPriscilla Fallonen_US
dc.subjectAndrew Smithen_US
dc.subjectOntario Veterinary Collegeen_US
dc.subjectWashington State Universityen_US
dc.subjectIowa State Universityen_US
dc.subjectCornell Universityen_US
dc.subjectVeterinary Historyen_US
dc.subjectEquine Medicineen_US
dc.subjectLexington, Kentuckyen_US
dc.subjectJames Newberryen_US
dc.subjectWorld Equestrian Gamesen_US
dc.titleA biography of and interview with Edward Hagyard Fallonen_US

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