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dc.contributor.authorPettit, Joshua
dc.description.abstractSolar Storms are a well-known disruptor of the upper atmosphere. Radio communication as well as the safety of space travelers and equipment is at the mercy of these storms. Despite this, little work has been done in showing what these storms due to lower levels in the atmosphere. In this paper I look at strong solar storms and see how they affect the ozone concentration at 50mb, 20mb, and 10mb levels. Using daily ozone data and satellite instrumentation for solar events, I looked at how ozone changes during and after these events. I found that solar flares have the largest impact with concentration changes as high as 80%. Solar wind events seemed to only have modest impacts followed by coronal mass ejections which appear to have little impact at all.en_US
dc.titleStrong Solar Storms and their Effects on Middle and Lower Stratospheric Ozone Concentrationsen_US
dc.typedissertation or thesisen_US

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