This collection includes demonstration versions of two river basin simulations models and their documentation (WEAP and RIBASIM).

To view and download the simulation models, click HERE .

The Water Evaluation and Analysis Program (WEAP) is from the Stockholm Environmental (Tellus) Institute in Boston Massachusetts, USA ( and RIBASIM is from Delft Hydraulics ( in Delft, the Netherlands. The RIBASIM item contains a readme file with additional information and several examples.

In the word file "Example River Basin DSS" an overview of several generic river basin models is given. The users manual of WBalMo from WASY GmbH ( in Berlin, Germany, is included. The demonstration version of this model can be downloaded from the Internet. The full version of Modsim.dss from Colorado State University ( is available free for downloading from the Internet.

Recent Submissions

  • WBalMo Software Installation and User's manuals 

    Loucks, Daniel P. (WASY Ltd., 2003)
    WBalMo (Water balance Model) is an interactive simulation system for river-basin management. These manuals were distributed with the UNESCO produced "Water Resources Systems Planning and Management" by Daniel P. Loucks ...
  • WEAP ("Water Evaluation And Planning" system) 

    Loucks, Daniel P. (UNESCO, 2005)
    WEAP ("Water Evaluation And Planning" system is a user-friendly software tool that takes an integrated approach to water resources planning. Freshwater management challenges are increasingly common. Allocation of limited ...
  • RIBASIM Version 6.33.13 : River Basin Simulation Model 

    Loucks, Daniel P. (UNESCO, 2005)
    This contains the README.txt file for Ribasim system. Also a ZIP file containing the contents of the cd of RIBASIM containing 3 sets of Setup executables each stored in a separate directory : (1) Directory "PROGRAMS" ...
  • Examples Decision Support Systems for River Basin Simulation 

    Loucks, Daniel P. (UNESCO, 2005)
    The following are programs designed to simulate water development and management policies in river basins. They are generic in that they are designed to be applicable to a wide variety of specific river basin water ...


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