This is a collection of papers that center on the history and theory of machines and mechanisms.

Recent Submissions

  • Historical Mechanisms for Drawing Curves 

    Taimina, Daina (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2004-04-21)
    Mechanical devices such as linkages for drawing curves are known already from Ancient Greece. Later linkages found use in different mechanical devices and machines like we can see it in 13th century drawings by Honnecourt ...
  • Usability, Learning, and Subjective Experience: User Evaluation of 

    Pan, Bing; Gay, Geri; Saylor, John; Hembrooke, Helene; Henderson, David (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2004-02-27)
    This paper describes an evaluation effort of the use of the Kinematic Model for Design Digital Library (K-MODDL) in an undergraduate mathematics class. Based on CIAO! framework, the research revealed usability problems ...
  • How to Use History to Clarify Common Confusions in Geometry 

    Taimina, Daina; Henderson, David W. (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2003-05-15)
    We have found that students and even mathematicians are often confused about the history of geometry. Many expository descriptions of geometry (especially non-Euclidean geometry) contain confusing and sometimes-incorrect ...
  • 3D-Printing the History of Mechanisms 

    Lipson, Hod; Moon, Francis C.; Hai, Jimmy; Paventi, Carlo (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2003-07-31)
    Physical models of machines have played an important role in the history of engineering for teaching, analyzing, and exploring mechanical concepts. Many of these models have been replaced today by computational ...
  • Experiencing Meanings in Geometry 

    Henderson, David W.; Taimina, Daina (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2003-05-15)
    It is deep experience of meanings in geometry (and indeed in all of mathematics and well as art and engineering) that we believe deserve to be called aesthetic experiences. We believe that mathematics is a natural and ...
  • How it was to study and to teach mathematics in Cornell at the end of 

    Taimina, Daina (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2003-05-01)
    Cornell University's Kroch Library Rare Book and Manuscript Division has a collection called "Department of Mathematics records 1877-1976". It was used already as case studies of the emergence of mathematical research ...
  • Franz Reuleaux: Contributions to 19th C. Kinematics and Theory of 

    Moon, Francis C. (Cornell Library Technical Reports and Papers, 2002-10-17)
    This review surveys late 19th century kinematics and the theory of machines as seen through the contributions of the German engineering scientist, Franz Reuleaux (1829-1905), often called the "father of kinematics". ...


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