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    • 2001 - 2003 Turfgrass Species and Variety Guidelines for New York State 

      Rossi, Frank S. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2001-06)
      This Guideline is designed to expedite the selection of turfgrass species and varieties adapted to the myriad uses, growing conditions and expectations in New York State.
    • 4-H Clothing Project Leader Guide 

      Smith, Charlotte; Majerus, Mary; Stone, Janis; Reily, Rae; Oelberg, Edith; Berkland, Melva L.; Atkin, Gret (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1994-08)
      The leader?s guide provides step-by-step guidelines for the chapters that make-up each unit in the curriculum. The first section presents valuable background information and philosophy regarding 4-H project leadership, ...
    • Adventures in Clothing 

      Reilly, Rae; Stone, Janis; Smith, Charlotte; Banyas, Joy; Berkland, Melva A.; Atkin, Gret (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      The fist unit in the ?4-H Clothing Project Series? helps students develop basic knowledge about a broad spectrum of topics related to clothing and sewing. The basic science of color is introduced and broadened into color ...
    • Animal Handling Safety 

      Demmin, Darcy M.; Hallman, Eric (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1995-06)
      Animals are handled daily on nearly half of New York farms. In the Northeast, animal handling accidents rank second in reported farm accidents. Every year at least one New York farmer dies as a direct result of a confrontation ...
    • The Appealing Apple 

      Eames-Sheavly, Marcia (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2000-06)
      Stories, myths and legends help students discover the rich and varied history of apples. History, botany, cultivation and harvesting are explored through interesting and fun hands-on activities. 12 recipes including how ...
    • Aquifers 

      Raymond, Lyle S. Jr. (2002-10)
      This bulletin describes aquifers in a non-technical language. Sand and gravel aquifers are emphasized because they are the most highly productive aquifers in the Northeast. They are a significant local and regional resource ...
    • Astronomy: It's Out of This World 

      Rice, Brian (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1995-10)
      Youngsters from 8 - 12 can walk through the solar system and search the night sky while learning about the basics of astronomy. 15 easy, but very informative, hands-on projects and experiments teach kids about stars, night ...
    • Athletic Field Maintenance 

      Hummel, Norman W. Jr.; Petrovic, Martin A. (2006-07-19)
      This technical guide provides comprehensive information on soil modification and drainage, establishing field turf, seeding, sodding, soil preparation, and species and variety selection. Describes how to maintain field ...
    • Bait Hives for Honey Bees 

      Seeley, Thomas D.; Morse, Roger A.; Nowogrodzki, Richard (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1989-10)
      Capturing swarms of bees can be achieved by following the recomendations in this classic, easy to read publication. The authors researched and tested different sizes and locations and the results are given along with methods ...
    • Barbecued Chicken and Other Meats 

      Baker, Robert C. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1950)
      This is the famous Cornell Chicken Recipe, as written by its creator, Dr. Robert C. Baker, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Animal Sciences at the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell ...
    • Basic Fly Tying 

      Howard, Ronald A. Jr. (1990-01)
      This classic publication gives an introductory lesson in the art of creating your own wet and dry flies. Step by step instructions are given for creating a couple of dozen of the most popular flies. Directions written in ...
    • Be a Waterfront Winner! A Shoreline Residents Guide for the Northeast 

      Pultz, Jennifer M. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1996-09)
      This fact sheet tells those who live on the waterfront in the northeast how to protect the environment, reduce waste, and improve the look and value of their property. This sheet details the effect of the three major water ...
    • Beekeeping: General Information 

      Morse, R. A.; Dyce, E. J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1982-04)
      This information bulletin explains how, when and, where to best start beekeeping, including how to obtain bees, and what equipment is needed. Describes the extent of the beekeeping industry in New York State, and includes ...
    • Biological Control of Turfgrass Diseases 

      Nelson, Eric B. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1992-02)
      This information bulletin is written for turf managers, pest control applicators, and homeowners. Discusses approaches to biological control, use and results of both compost-based organic fertilizers and microbial fungicides. ...
    • Birds in Your Backyard 

      Hawkes, Janet E.; Philips, Diane Held (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      Attracting birds to your backyard can allow people young and old to study the different size, shape and markings of their visitors. This publication shows ways to attract birds, different foods to attract different types ...
    • Bookstart 

      Birckmayer, Jennifer; Westendorf, Bonnie Jo (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1996-04)
      Designed for librarians, extension educators and others who are involved in sharing books with children. Tells how to assess books, choose developmentally appropriate books, how to use books to begin conversations with ...
    • Cane Seats for Chairs 

      Comstock, Ruth B.; Garner, Clark E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1994-12)
      Tells you how to remove the old material and lists all of the equipment you'll need to do the job. Described in detail, step by step. Covers seats, backs (different shapes), and how to finish your new work.
    • Challenges in Clothing 

      Stone, Janis; Reilly, Rae; Smith, Charlotte; Banyas, Joy; Berkland, Melva L.; Atkin, Gret (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      This second unit in the ?4-H Clothing Project Series? builds on the knowledge and beginning sewing skills developed in ?Adventures in Clothing: Unit I?. The 8 chapters in this project book begin with discovering how line, ...
    • Children and Divorce 

      West, Suzanne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1983)
      This booklet discusses the process of divorce and how to discuss it with different age groups. Different age groups will react differently, from anger to wishing for reconciliation this booklet discusses what to expect as ...
    • Choosing High-Quality Child care 

      Cochran, Eva; Cochran, Mon; Torp, Nancy (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2000-09)
      5 Fact Sheets: What is High-Quality Child Care? Visiting and Interviewing Center Center-Based Child Care Providers, Visiting and Interviewing Family Child Care Providers, Visiting and Interviewing School-Age Child Care ...