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  • Laura Goes Burlesque: The Petrarchan Parodies of Francesco Berni 

    Tonozzi, Daniel (2006-04-11)
    From the introduction: Surely, the critical aspect of Berni?s work cannot be ignored. As parody of its poetic predecessors, Berni?s poems operate as what Thomas Greene describes as an ?engagement of a subtext in a ...
  • Italian political cinema: Surveying a once glorious genre in times of anguish 

    Testa, Carlo (2006-02-28)
    Because in the Entralogos context I will dwell in some detail on the theoretical issues underpinning my interest in literature and culture, in the present pages I shall focus instead on some specific historical aspects of ...
  • Teorie dell?avanguardia tra materialismo e idealismo 

    Righi, Andrea (2006-02-16)
    The paper's opening paragraph follows: ? ormai opinione unanime nella critica mettere in relazione diretta l?avvento della moderna societ? capitalista con la nascita delle avanguardie. (tra gli altri Asor Rosa 2004: 43; ...
  • Violent Cities: Umberto Lenzi's Polizieschi and B-Movie Fascism 

    Campbell, Timothy (Paradoxa. A later version was published in volume 20 (2006), "Terrains vagues," which is available from Paradoxa, PO Box 2237, Vashon Island, WA 98070, or on the web at", 2006)
    This paper examines the critical failure to treat the Italian cop film, or poliziesco, as anything other than a poor cousin of the American crime film. I argue that such a blindness has prevented discussions of the cop ...


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