Student research papers for Professor Ashim Datta's Biomed BEE 4530/Computer-aided Engineering course for 2000.

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  • Heat Treatment of an Enlarged Prostate 

    Alexander, Conor; Cohen, Rich; Furman, Guy; Pino, Chris; Schleifer-Schneggenburger, Jill (2001-01-07)
    An enlarged prostate, known in the medical field as either benign prostate hyperplasia or benign prostate hypertrophy, is a common affliction among older men, resulting in a difficulty in urination. The condition is also ...
  • Drug Delivery in the Brain 

    Poon, Billy (2001-01-07)
    In this study, the diffusion of nerve growth factor (NGF) from a polymeric matrix into brain tissue was simulated using the finite element method (FEM). Two release profiles were studied and it was found that a constant ...
  • Delayed Effects of Hydrofluoric Acid Burn 

    Felsovalyi, Flora; Jap, Bennett; Robilotto, Anthony; Tong, Gary (2001-01-07)
    Hydrofluoric acid burn is a common work related injury. After initial contact, hydrofluoric acid diffuses through the skin where it eventually reaches the bone. Once in contact, dissociated F- ions react with the calcium ...
  • Making Your Sausage Clean. The Art of Sausage Sterilization 

    Amobi, Ngozi; Lee, Jessica; Padron, Sonya; Price, Andrew (2001-01-07)
    Thermal processing of temperature and species within a sausage were modeled using FIDAP. A mesh was created in GAMBIT to recreate the sausage geometry; diameter = 0.072m and length = 0.21m. The sausage was assumed to be ...
  • Ferromagnetic Thermal Ablation of Prostate Tumor 

    Avissar, Michael; Ishman, Naquan; Lee, Sui Ping; Patel, Payal (2001-01-07)
    There are many forms of treatment for prostate cancer. One set of treatments is called hyperthermia, the heating of tumor tissue to destroy it. Thermal ablation is a form of hyperthermia that destroys both normal and cell ...

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