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  • Youth Development Recognition 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension (Cornell University, 1993)
    This video focuses on youth development in 4-H.
  • Changing Expectations of Faculty Roles and Responsibilities 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension (1997)
    This video focuses on the changing role of faculty at land grant universities.
  • Building Board Capacity a Statewide Board Meeting 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension (1999)
    George Preston, a Cornell Extension Representative, hosts a board meeting where viewers were encouraged to ask questions via phone or fax.
  • 4-H Strategic Plan 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Ewert, Merrill (2000)
    Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension, Merril Ewert, continues the conversation about making a real difference in the state of New York through the introduction of 4-H's Strategic Plan.
  • Building Board Capacity: a Statewide Board Meeting 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Preston, George; Pettit, Don; Shaver, J.C.; Ewert, Merrill; Duttweiler, Michael; Laquatra, Joseph; Malone, Chip; Mathews, Ann; Gifford, Terry (1999-02)
    A recording of a statewide meeting for CCE Association Boards of Directors.

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