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  • Building Board Capacity: a Statewide Board Meeting 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Preston, George; Pettit, Don; Shaver, J.C.; Ewert, Merrill; Duttweiler, Michael; Laquatra, Joseph; Malone, Chip; Mathews, Ann; Gifford, Terry (1999-02)
    A recording of a statewide meeting for CCE Association Boards of Directors.
  • Farm to Table Program 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Dischner, Kathleen; Hartsig, Jennifer; Luton, Brian; Calderon, Sujey; Billue, Cimone; Escosfer, Valerie; Raymie, Michelle; Staehr, Ed; Escoffrey, Abdiel (2013-08-27)
    Information about the Farm to Table Program, which provides fresh food to citizens of New York State.
  • Improving the Productivity of New York Agriculture: a New Plant and Animal Initiative from CALS 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Fey, Nancy; Lund, Daryl; Ewert, Merrill (1998)
    CCE Director Merrill Ewert and CALS Dean Daryl Lund discuss the new CALS initiative for improving the productivity of New York State production agriculture.
  • 4-H Strategic Plan 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension; Ewert, Merrill; Lerner, Richard; Fey, Nancy; Preston, George; Elliott, Ellen; Hamilton, Steve (2000-02)
    The co-chairs of the 4-H Youth Development steering committee present the 4-H strategic plan and discuss the future of the 4H program.
  • Trustee Council Annual Meeting: Dean Susan Henry Speech 

    Cornell Cooperative Extension, Henry, Susan (1999)
    A speech by CALS Dean Susan Henry for the Trustee-Council Annual Meeting. Dean Henry speaks of her vision for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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