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dc.contributor.authorDavis, Philip M.
dc.contributor.authorCornell University Library. Task Force on Open Access Publishing
dc.descriptionThis spreadsheet is an addendum to the Report of the CUL Task Force on Open Access Publishing Presented to the Cornell University Library Management Team August 9, 2004. Cornell University Library. Technical Reports and Papers. Library Papers and Preprints;2004-3
dc.description.abstractThis spreadsheet calculates the cost per article published in the current subscription model for 113 institutions designated under the Association of Research Libraries. It graphs these institutions by FTE (full time equivalent enrollment) and compares the results to a range of costs postulated in the producer-pays open access model. This spreadsheet uses publicly-available information and the author regrets any errors within. It was designed to promote dialog and additional analysis -- not to advocate a particular position. Modifying the starting assumptions will recalculate the values in the spreadsheet and update the graph. Readers are encouraged to change the assumptions based on more accurate information or alternative scenarios. Questions and clarification can be sent to the author, Philip Davis at: Dec 20, 2004 (Revised May 13, 2005)en_US
dc.format.extent67584 bytes
dc.subjectopen access publishingen_US
dc.titleCalculating the Cost per Article in the Current Subscription Modelen_US

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