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  • International Women's Periodicals: Late 18th Century to the Great Depression 

    Gerhard, Kristin H. (Primary Source media, 2007)
    This article was originally presented as part of the International Women's Periodicals website provided by Primary Source Media. When this site was taken down, the content was purchased by the Cornell University Library ...
  • About the International Women’s Periodicals 

    Unknown author (Cornell University Library, 2007)
    This article consists of materials that were originally presented part of the "About" pages of original International Women's Periodicals website. It has detailed information about the International Women's Periodicals ...
  • A Few Things I Remember Or At Least That I’ll Admit! 

    Furry, Ronald B. (East River Editorial, 2018)
    Autobiography of Ronald Bay Furry.
  • KITLV-Jakarta microfiche, 2001 

    KITLV Office Jakarta (KITLV-Jakart, 2001)
  • Tattle-tape Task Force Final Report 

    Chandler, Adam; Cobb, Susie; Morris, Maureen; Wilcox, Wendy (2017-12-19)
    The CUL Tattle-tape Task Force was charged with investigating the potential ramifications of discontinuing adding security strips (“tattle-tape”) to new open stack acquisitions. The motivation for the change is primarily ...

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