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dc.contributor.authorDalman, G. Conrad
dc.contributor.authorEastman, Lester
dc.contributor.authorLynn, Walter
dc.contributor.authorBerth, Donald
dc.description.abstractIN THIS ISSUE: The New Electronics: The Design and Operation of Microwave Devices /2 (Despite cutbacks in federal support, growth prospects for the electronics industry remain good. Particularly promising are new solid state microwave devices, discussed technically and in terms of their potential applications by Professor G. Conrad Dalman, who has been a research leader in this field since it began opening up in the 1960s.) ... The New Electronics: Crystals for Microwave Communication /9 (Professor Lester F. Eastman, of the long-standing "Dalman and Eastman" researchteam at Cornell, discusses the development of an imminent new era in electronics, comparable in scope to that of transistor applications. Cornell contributions to the advancement of the "new electronics" are highlighted.) ... Commentary /15 (The responsibility that engineering schools must assume in the area of environmental and other social concerns is discussed by Walter R. Lynn, director of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell.) ... Vantage /21 (Academic Rush Week, student-to-student counseling, the Engineering Counseling Center, Cornell News Briefs, faculty workshops ? all new and part of the College's expanded advising and counseling services for freshmen and sophomores ? are shown in a photoessay.) ... Register /26 (Four retiring engineering professors are saluted, and D. Ray Fulkerson is welcomed as the incoming Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Engineering in the Department of Operations Research.) ... Faculty Publications /30 ... Editorial /36en_US
dc.format.extent30842563 bytes
dc.publisherInternet-First University Pressen_US
dc.subjectCornell Universityen_US
dc.subjectMicrowave Devicesen_US
dc.titleEngineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.06, No.2 (Summer 1971): The New Electronicsen_US

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