Performing Arts Resource Centers (PARCs) are Web-based learning environments designed to advance the teaching and study of the performing arts worldwide. Interactive, innovative, and interpretive PARCs successfully combine scholarly content with technological innovation. Each PARC has a specific focus, which may be geographic (Japan), temporal (turn of the 20th century), ethnic (Afro-American), thematic (feminist theatre), or audience oriented (teens).

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  • Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center, September 2005 

    Global Performing Arts Consortium; Brazell, Karen; Bethe, Monica; Fang, Tang; Wong, Mien; Lento, Thomas; McKee, Kumiko; Young, Joshua; Specter, Susan; Atkins, Paul (1999)
    This is an archive copy, from September 2005, of the Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center prototype. The Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC) is beginning to develop Performing Arts Resource Centers (PARCs), ...


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