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  • The A-B transition in superfluid 3He under confinement in a thin slab geometry 

    Zhelev, Nikolay; Sebastian, Abhilash; Smith, Eric; Bennett, Robert; Rojas, Xavier; Levitin, Lev; Saunders, John; Parpia, Jeevak (2016)
    The influence of confinement on the topological phases of superfluid 3He is studied using the torsional pendulum method. We focus on the phase transition between the chiral A-phase and the time-reversal-invariant B-phase, ...
  • Polarization Spectroscopy of Defect-Based Single Photon Sources in ZnO 

    Jungwirth, Nicholas R; Chang, Hung-Shen; Jiang, Mingde; Fuchs, Gregory D (ACS Nano, 2015-11-26)
    Point defects in wide bandgap semiconductors are promising candidates for future applications that necessitate quantum light sources. Recently, defect-based single photon sources have been observed in ZnO that are very ...
  • Possible worlds semantics for pictures 

    Abusch, Dorit (2015-12-06)
    Possible worlds semantics for pictures is reviewed. Pictures are mapped to propositional semantic values by a geometric method. On this basis, an account of the temporal interpretation of pictorial narratives is constructed. ...
  • German Culture News, Vol XXV, Fall 2016 

    Unknown author (Institute for German Cultural Studies, 2016-08)
    German Culture News is produced by the Institute for German Cultural Studies, Cornell University. Paul Fleming: Director; Olga Petrova: Editor & Designer; Matteo Calla & Anna Horakova: Copy Editors, Photographers & Student ...
  • Observation of a new superfluid phase for ³He embedded in nematically ordered aerogel 

    Zhelev, Nikolay; Reichl, Matthew; Abhilash, Thanniyil Sebastian; Smith, Eric Nelson; Nguyen, Kayla X.-T.; Meuller, Erich J.; Parpia, Jeevak M. (2016)
    In bulk superfluid 3He at zero magnetic field, two phases emerge with the B phase stable everywhere except at high pressures and temperatures where the A phase is favored. Aerogels with nanostructure smaller than the ...

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