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Recent Submissions

  • Incubating Open Journals in Economics 

    Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2005-10-20)
    As open journals become intellectual successes, they will come to substitute for subscription-based journals. The entry of two new journals specializing in economic theory, one a commercial subscription journal and the ...
  • Immigrants and the Community: Community Perspectives 

    Pfeffer, Max J.; Parra, Pilar A. (Cornell University, 2005-10)
    As related in our previous reports, the populations of many rural New York communities are becoming more ethnically diverse. This diversification became especially noticeable in the 1990s with the upsurge in Mexican ...
  • Immigrants and the Community: Former Farmworkers 

    Pfeffer, Max J.; Para, Pilar A. (Cornell University, 2005-09)
    Many upstate New York communities have experienced population loss and decline in the last decade. Increasing numbers of immigrants have settled in many of these communities, which poses possible community development ...
  • Immigrants and the Community: Farmworkers with Families 

    Parra, Pilar A.; Pfeffer, Max J. (Cornell University, 2005-04)
    America's hired farm workforce has changed considerably in the last decade. The most apparent change has been its "latinization" during the past two decades. This is largely a consequence of large numbers of Mexicans ...
  • Open Scholarship and Research Universities 

    Getz, Malcolm (Internet-First University Press, 2005-05-18)
    Compare the cost per article for publication in commercial journals, not-profit journals, and open-access journals. For universities that support open-archives and open-access journal management software as part of standard ...

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