Party in celebration of Eugene Dynkin's arrival in Moscow, Russia held at the home of Nikita Vvedenskaya, September 16, 1989. The interview is in five parts. The participants besides Dynkin include Roland Dobrushin, Fridrikh Karpelevich, Rafail Khasminskii and his wife Lida, Robert Minlos, Vladimir Uspensky, Nikita Vvedenskaya, and Alexander Yushkevich. For more interviews with these individuals visit their personal collection pages.

Dobrushin's collection is here:

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Vvedenskaya's collection is here:

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September 16, 1989 Part 1:

September 16, 1989 Part 2:

September 16, 1989 Part 3:

September 16, 1989 Part 4:

September 16, 1989 Part 5:

Interviews conducted with Vladimir Uspensky in Ithaca, New York.

April 20, 1990 Ithaca:

June 2, 2004, Dynkin's house, Ithaca:

Uspensky's own comments on the above interviews:

"I am Vladimir A. Uspenskiy (alias Uspensky, Uspenski, Uspenskii, Uspenskij, Ouspenski). Fifteen years ago there staid Ouspenski in my passport, now there stays Uspenskiy. My contemporary position --- Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University (School of Mathematics). Dynkin and Kolmogorov were my teachers in mathematics.

Here are brief annotations to the recordings:

  1. Party at Nikita Vvedenskaya's house on 16 September 1989. Everyone is sitting at the table. Uspenskiy takes a part in a conversation, he is the main speaker from the 38th minute of the first part of the recording to the end of the second part (in the second part there is a 5-minute break in his speech from the 21st minute to the 25th). In the speech Uspenskiy talks about how he made acquaintance with Dynkin, about Dynkin and about Dynkin's afterschool math club.
  2. Interview in Ithaca on 20 April 1990 in Dynkin's house. Dynkin himself is the interviewer. Uspenskiy talks about his own life (includimg his genealogy) and about Kolmogorov, especially about Kolmogorov's last years.
  3. Video interview marked "Undated". It was taken by Dynkin in his house in Ithaca on 2 June 2004. Uspenskiy shows a book newly released in Moscow: the second edition of the book by Dynkin and Uspenskiy "Mathematical Conversations" (the first edition was released in 1952). He talked about the book, and recalled Dynkin's afterschool math club, that served as the basis for the book, and about Dynkin himself."

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