This is a collection of student research papers for Professor Ashim Datta's Biomed BEE 4530/Computer-aided Engineering course for 2010.

Recent Submissions

  • Long Term Flux Profile of Implanon Birth Control Implant 

    Aiwazian, Jonathan; Baker, Courtney; Nissanka, Nadee; Sarker, Upal (2010-05-21)
    Hormonal birth control methods have become increasingly popular since 2000, as the technology becomes more convenient for users, moving from daily pills, to weekly patches, to yearly implants. Implanon is an example of a ...
  • Ex-Vivo Chemotherapeutic Drug Treatment of Human Tumor Spheroids 

    Herynk, Brad; Liu, Vivian; Sabhaz, Jasmin; Starchenko, Alina (2010-05-21)
    Drug testing of microspheroid tumors ex-vivo has proven to mimic micrometastases in the bloodstream of cancer patients1. More recently, cancer treatment has turned to developing individual drug regimens that target specific ...
  • Optimization of Transdermal Drug Delivery with Microcapsules 

    Jackman, Monica; Kim, Nala; Kim, Sung Min; Wong, Bethany (2010-05-21)
    Research in transdermal drug delivery systems has gained much attention in the past thirty years. One of the biggest challenges in developing an effective system however, is getting past the tightly-structured outermost ...
  • Modeling Brain Cooling Helmets for Ischemia Patients 

    Wiechecki, Julie; Ranganath, Neel; McDonough, Brendan; Wind, Jessica (2010-05-21)
    In this project, we modeled the effectiveness of a cooling cap designed to lower brain temperatures by approximately 3°C in order to cause temporary hypothermia in the brain and thereby prevent further injury caused by ...
  • Optimizing Combined Laser Treatment for the Removal of Port Wine Stains and Cryogen Spray Cooling to Reduce Thermal Heating at the Skin Surface 

    Agustin, Marissa; Jimenez, Rod Brian; Berglund, Caroline; Mookerjee, Adaleena (2010-05-21)
    Port wine stains (PWS) are birthmarks caused by the presence of dilated blood vessels, typically 15-55μm in diameter, located in the upper dermis of the skin. Currently, lasers in conjunction with cryogen cooling are the ...

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