Collection of Scientific Pre-prints in the area of Agroecology. Submissions are limited to authorized individuals, only.

Recent Submissions

  • Understanding and managing the rhizosphere in agroecosystems 

    Drinkwater, Laurie; Snapp, Sieglinde (2006-08-21)
    Agricultural systems represent the major form of land management, covering 5 billion hectares of the global terrestrial land area. The unintended consequences of agriculture extend well beyond agricultural landscapes and ...
  • Nutrients in agroecosystems: Rethinking the management paradigm 

    Drinkwater, L. E.; Snapp, S. S. (2005-06-14)
    Agricultural intensification has greatly increased the productive capacity of agroecosystems, but has had unintended environmental consequences including degradation of soil and water resources, and alteration of ...


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