Agroecology goes beyond a one-dimensional view of agroecosystems to embrace an understanding of ecological and social levels of co-evolution, structure and function. Instead of focusing on one particular component of the agroecosystem, agroecology emphasizes the interrelatedness of all agroecosystem components and the complex dynamics of ecological processes (Vandermeer, J. 1995. The ecological basis of alternative agriculture. Annual Review of Ecological Systems 26: 201-224).

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  • Understanding and managing the rhizosphere in agroecosystems 

    Drinkwater, Laurie; Snapp, Sieglinde (2006-08-21)
    Agricultural systems represent the major form of land management, covering 5 billion hectares of the global terrestrial land area. The unintended consequences of agriculture extend well beyond agricultural landscapes and ...
  • Nutrients in agroecosystems: Rethinking the management paradigm 

    Drinkwater, L. E.; Snapp, S. S. (2005-06-14)
    Agricultural intensification has greatly increased the productive capacity of agroecosystems, but has had unintended environmental consequences including degradation of soil and water resources, and alteration of ...


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