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    • Public Secrets from Peru 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (2005-09-14)
      In deciding to create a drama about violence in Peru, I have moved away from the usual academic discourse into the arena of performance. I have made this move for a number of reasons: foremost is my desire that English-speaking ...
    • To Defend Ourselves, Ecology & Ritual in an Andean Village 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (2005-08-05)
      The ethnography, To Defend Ourselves, describes a series of rituals that maintain social structure and practices in the community of Chuschi, Peru. It was first published in 1978, with a second edition published in 1985 ...
    • Violence in Peru: Performances and Dialogues 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (American Anthropologist, 1998)
      I wish not only to influence my readers' perceptions of the political violence that has shaken Peru in the last decade and a half, but also to transform the relationship of researchers to such events and the rules of ...