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    • Backyard Chickens 

      Otis, Diana (2016)
      Describes the sustainable aspects of raising backyard chickens, an extension of urban agriculture.
    • Compost...Because a Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste! (Manual and 2 videos) 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 1996)
    • Farm to Table Program 

      Cornell Cooperative Extension; Dischner, Kathleen; Hartsig, Jennifer; Luton, Brian; Calderon, Sujey; Billue, Cimone; Escosfer, Valerie; Raymie, Michelle; Staehr, Ed; Escoffrey, Abdiel (2013-08-27)
      Information about the Farm to Table Program, which provides fresh food to citizens of New York State.
    • Farm-Based Composting: Manure and More 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2001)
    • It's Gotten Rotten 

      Cornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell Waste Management Institute. Produced by Photosynthesis Productions, 1997)
    • Local Food Producation 

      Eginton, Michael; Leist, Mason (2016)
      Our movie details the advantages disadvantages surrounding local food production for the producers, and looks at opportunities for local food production in larger cities.
    • Local Foods are Better For You 

      Crocker, Tommy; Iyer, Sindhu; Weiss, Annie (2017-11)
    • Selected Invertebrates of the Soil Food Web 

      Jack, Allison; Thies, Janice; Drinkwater, Laurie (Cornell University, 2012-03-21)
      This short video contains annotated video microscopy footage of selected soil invertebrates that can be used for classroom or extension education in compost and soil ecology. Organisms include: millipedes, earthworms, ...
    • The CSA at Dilmun Hill 

      Santander, Daniel; Mayer, Nick (2016)
      A video on the CSA at Dilmun Hill Farm.
    • The Transparency of Local Agriculture: From Farm to Plate 

      Peters, Kirby (2015)
      This film illuminates how local agriculture allows the consumer to make more informed decisions about sustainable consumption.
    • Vermicompost - A Living Soil Amendment 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Jack, Allison (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2010-07)