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    • Compost Quality Assessment for Use in Horticulture: Impact of the Composting Process 

      Bonhotal, Jean; Schwarz, Mary; Jack, Allison L.H.; Olmstead, Dan; Harrison, Ellen Z. (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2008)
      Although there are many potential opportunities for the use of agricultural composts in horticultural production systems, lack of communication between compost producers and end-users has impeded the effective recycling ...
    • Hygienic Implications of Small-Scale Composting in New York State 

      Harrison, Ellen (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2004-05)
      Small-scale composting is an effective way to recycle organic wastes generated in the home and/or community. Little research has been done to determine potential human health risk of composts generated on a small scale. ...
    • Organic and Conventional Farming Systems: Environmental and Economic Issues. 

      Pimentel, David; Hepperly, Paul; Hanson, James; Seidel, Rita; Douds, David (2005-07)
    • Water resources, agriculture and the environment. 

      Pimentel, David; Berger, Bonnie; David, Filiberto; Newton, Michelle; Wolfe, Benjamin; Karabinakis, Elizabeth; Clark, Steven; Poon, Elaine; Abbett, Elizabeth; Nandagopal, Sudha (2004-07)
      In this article, water utilization by individuals and especially agricultural systems is analyzed. Interrelationships exist among population growth, water use and distribution, the status of biodiversity, the natural ...