A wide variety of students, faculty, and staff at Cornell have or are pursuing research, learning or outreach related activities relevant to local and regional food systems. That includes exploring questions around nutrition, economics, community development, sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and food security. Interest in this area comes from a number of different departments, including Applied Economics and Management, Biological and Environmental Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Crop and Soil Sciences, Developmental Sociology, Horticulture, Human Ecology, Natural Resources, and Nutrition, as well as Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Many of the materials produced by individuals and projects related to food systems are either unpublished or scattered across the web in forms such as white papers, journal articles, conference proceedings, extension publications and fact sheets. The focus of these writings may relate directly to local food systems, or to the history, conditions and larger forces affecting them (e.g. globalization, industrialization, and commodification of food). This collection provides a convenient means of finding materials related to this topic in other collections across the eCommons repository.

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This collection is maintained by Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University. As part of the Land Grant University at Cornell, we are committed to supporting its mission of providing education, outreach and applied research for the benefit of New York's citizens, communities and landscapes.

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