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    • Agricultural Economics at Cornell: A History, 1900-1990 

      Stanton, Bernard F. ("Bud") (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, 2001)
      This 292-page picture-filled book, first-ever history of the department chronicles the major contributions made by its faculty and students to research, teaching, and extension in the field of agricultural economics during ...
    • Agricultural Economics to the Dyson School: A Personal Experience 

      Tomek, William (Bill) G. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03-07)
      This prominent econometrician recounts his journey at Cornell, dealing with The Early Years, The Middle Years, his role as Department Chair, Achieving Faculty Diversity, The Later Years, and Other Cornell Experiences. He ...
    • Agronomy at Cornell 

      Cline, Marlin G. (The Internet-First University Press. ©2016 Cornell University, 2016-07-12)
      The account which follows focuses on the subject matter within the Department of Agronomy as of 1980, namely soils, production of field crops other than vegetables and fruit, and atmospheric science. That combination is ...
    • Animal Science at Cornell University 1963 - 2000: Observations and Reflections of an Insider 

      Elliot, John Murray (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, 2001)
      This is an update to the 1987 book by Kenneth L. Turk, Animal Husbandry at Cornell University: A History and Record of Development from 1868 to 1963 prepared by a retired (1991), succeeding Department Chair, J. Murray ...
    • BEE Picnic (July 08, 2002) 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a video snapshot of the BEE Department Picnic of July 08, 2002.
    • The Biometrics Unit: The First 40 Years,1948–1988 

      Federer, Walter T. (Internet-First Univerity Press, 2018-10)
      Originally released in 1989, this is a detailed account of the birth of a new field by its founding faculty member at Cornell, Walter T. Federer. The Biometrics Unit was initiated in 1948 and was housed within the department ...
    • Birth of the American University 

      Frey, Brian (2004)
      Cornell: Birth of the American University, chronicles the founding of one of the great institutions of learning in the United States, focusing on the two extraordinary men, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, whose ...
    • A Conversation with Richard P. Korf 

      Korf, Richard P.; Zaitlin, Milton (Interviewer) (The Internet-First University Press ©2012 Cornell University, 2012-02-17)
      Richard Korf, long-time member of the Plant Pathology Faculty in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, in an interview by Prof. Milton Zaitlin on February 17, 2012 described his department’s early history and the ...
    • The Cornell Physics Department: Recollections and a History of Sorts 

      Hartman, Paul L. (The Physics Department at Cornell University, 1993)
      The late Paul Hartman chronicled in his delightfully unique writing style the growth and development of one of the strongest departments at Cornell. "The Physics Department of Cornell has had a long and illustrious history ...
    • Cornell University Press, Est. 1869, Our First 150 Years 

      Laun, Karen (Cornell University Press, 2019)
      A history of Cornell University Press celebrating the sesquicentennial of the first university press in the United States.
    • The Cornell-Nanking Story 

      Love, Harry Houser; Reisner, John Henry (The Internet-First University Press, 2012-06-15)
      The Cornell-Nanking Story describes Cornell’s first technical cooperation program of international outreach–the pioneering effort whose legacy continues robustly today. This report, first released in 1963 by Royse P. Murphy, ...
    • CU ABEN Graduate Degrees (1913 - 1995) 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Stanton, Ruth; Bates, Sandy (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a Chronological and Alphabetical Listing of the Graduate Degrees for the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Cornell University from 1913- 1995.
    • Department Histories – Cornell University: URL Links to the IFUP 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2009-10-20)
      This article lists the URLs pertaining to the Department Histories produced by Internet-First University Press and available in eCommons
    • Education & Agriculture: A History of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University 

      Colman, Gould P. (Cornell University Press, 1963)
      The College of Agriculture at Cornell University reveals through this history its contributions of nearly a century of continuous service.
    • Evolution of Plant Breeding at Cornell University 

      Murphy, Royse P.; Kass, Lee B. (The Internet-First University Press, 2011)
      Drs. Royse P. Murphy and Lee B. Kass prepared this 179-page account of the history of Plant Breeding—among the most distinguished academic departments at Cornell—on the occasion of its centennial. In addition to a wealth ...
    • Food Science at Cornell University: A Century of Excellence, 1902-2002 

      Bandler, David K.; Holland, Robert F. (Cornell University, 2002)
      This publication is a comprehensive look at the evolution of the Department of Food Science at Cornell University from the early years through its centennial celebration in 2002.
    • A history of activities from 1963 – Retirement, 1998 

      German, Gene A. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-02-07)
      Gene German describes his Cornell journey from the Food Industry Management Program and the Home Study Program in Food Industry Management to his experiences teaching popular courses, advising students and leading the Food ...
    • History of the Department of Communication at Cornell University 

      Ward, William B. (Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2000-12)
    • In Their Own Voices: A Conversation with Howard W. Riley: Early Agricultural Engineering at Cornell University 

      Colman, Gould P. (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      In August of 1963, Dr. Gould Colman, University Archivist Emeritus, interviewed Professor Howard W. Riley, who was the head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering from 1907-1945. In these interviews, Professor Riley ...